30 Cool Photos of Penguins to Pay Tribute to World Penguin Day

They are cute, funny and endangered enough to make them special

Penguins are such amazing
Did you know that there is a World Penguin Day? Cheers to you if you do, but in case you are just a regular human like the rest of us and had no idea that there is such a monumental marking, let us enlighten you. There is a World Penguin Day and it is celebrated on 25 April. There is also a Penguin Awareness Day which is on 20 January.

We are a bit late for the first one and more than very early for the second, but hey – penguins are such amazing birds that the deserve some more tribute. Although some may think that having two days is pretty greedy, let us just say that they are cute, funny and endangered enough to make them special.

With thanks to the amazing bunch of 500px photography enthusiasts, we have a chance to see what are these hilarious birds, mammals and amphibia up to. Enjoy!



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