People Notice There’s Something Wrong With The Rock’s New Movie Poster

People are calling Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock-et’ after he shared a poster of his upcoming movie. The action thriller is set in the not-so-distant future, where his character, Will Ford, is called in to inspect the security at the tallest building in the world, called The Pearl. And yes, films like these don’t always rely on the laws of physics, but the internet believes this one is stretching it a wee bit too much.

And Things Escalate Quickly

After scanning the promotional material with skepticism, movie-geeks had a lot to say about the stunt. I mean, some of them even used math and drew charts to back up their claims, so it’s safe to say that things got serious. Scroll down to check out if that impossible jump is too big even for The Rock himself.

This is the poster of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s latest movie Skyscraper

After the actor shared it online, people noticed something was not quite righ

It didn’t take long before things got really serious

The smartest minds on the internet tackled the issue

And some wondered if other unknown factors were involved


Photoshop wizards even tried fixing it

But in the end it would probably look something like this

Some jokes summed up the situation perfectly


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