16 Boyfriends And Husbands Who Are Jerks, But Like, Funny Jerks

When guys are in a relationship, they’ll sometimes find ways to amuse themselves at their wife or girlfriend’s expense. These boyfriends and husbands can pull some really mean but funny tricks. While this results in some annoyed wives and girlfriends, these things are always done out of love.

There are some boyfriends and husbands who can do some mean things.

It’s really a testament to the strength of these relationships that the women don’t end up leaving or killing these boyfriends and husbands. Their tricks may see mean-spirited in the moment, but they always know that they’re just doing it for a little bit of fun.

These are 16 of the best mean but funny things boyfriends and husbands have done for the special women in their lives. If women really want a man with a sense of humor, then they also have to be prepared for things like this happening to them on a regular basis.

1. Sometimes when your boyfriend is taking care of you when you pass out, he’s really doing something like this. At least the result is pretty funny.

boyfriends and husbands

2. Some husbands can’t help but take their wives’ requests literally. This woman asked her husband for a totally generic, run of the mill birthday party.

mean but funny

3. Men are expected to praise the way their wives and girlfriends look all the time. However, sometimes they can’t help but just tell it like it is.

annoyed wives

4. If a man loves puns, his wife or girlfriend has to put up with that forever. This guy got in trouble and sent his wife a nice bouquet of…

done out of love

5. To paraphrase Cyndi Lauper, guys just wanna have fun. So when their wives ask them to do something, like say, touch up the engagement photos, they do this:

6. It’s hard to argue with your boyfriend when he knows the order of mathematical operations (that would be parenthetical, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction).

7. Childbirth is one of the hardest things in life that a woman can experience. Maybe it’s not the best time to be funny, but some guys just can’t resist.

8. When a woman finds a man who can cook, sometimes she’ll make a request. In this case, she asked her boyfriend for some “comfort food.”

9. Relationships will sometimes have their own running jokes. This guy keeps scaring his poor wife with a well placed (and very creepy) clown decoration.


10. This is exactly the type of thing that happens when you let your boyfriend who is a fan of Game of Thrones decorate the bathroom.

11. When you ask your “hilarious” boyfriend for a 3 karat ring, it’s probably better if you put the request in writing. Then you don’t end up with this:

12. Some guys will take a challenge from their wife or girlfriend entirely too far, like a challenge to find shoes that are uglier than a pair of crocs.

13. A cake is a perfect way to celebrate a relationship milestone. Sometimes it’s a really big meaningful event. Other times, it’s something really silly (but still meaningful, maybe).

14. When your wife asks you for a Coach bag, this is not the kind of thing she’s talking about. At least it put a smile on her face.

15. When your boyfriend is technically correct, it’s the worst kind of correct he can be. He may be right, but he’s definitely getting in trouble.

16. This is what you get when your boyfriend is creative, considerate, and likes to be just the slightest bit cheeky in how he takes care of you.


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