A story of Princess Qajar with Mustache

Beauty is one thing that every woman wanted to have, no doubt these days people are going under knifes to get that attractive and charming look. If someone asked you what is true beauty what will be your answer? Does your answer include mustache?

Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder.

Well, there was a princess who changed the whole definition of looking beautiful. Instead of starving herself, she opted to look full. Not just that, the princess had a bushy and fushed unibrow, also she had a very clear mustache on her face which defined as a beautiful sign at that time.

Well, the lady we are talking about is none other than – Princess Qajar herself. She was the daughter of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar who was the ruler in the year of 1785. The king Naser al-Din Shah wanted to change the stereotypes thoughts of being women beautiful. He didn’t believe that for women to look beautiful and attracted, they really need to look thin or follow the steps of old thinking. Naser Al-Din Shah was considered as one of the most powerful rulers who ruled for 47 years on Iran at that time. The king was very fond of beautiful women; he also had the largest Harem at that time

Well coming back to the princess Qajar, she was announced as Symbol of beauty in Persia. Not just that, there were thousands of men who want to marry the princess and if you believe in history that believe this as well, There were 13 young men who committed suicide only because the princess rejected their offer to get married to them.

Princess Qajar is an example that you don’t need to look as other or there is no need to follow what people are following. Beauty is what you feel from inside. It doesn’t depend on what you wear, it depends on how much confident are you and how you carry yourself.

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