A Doctor Brought These Tiny Fish To A Poor Country.

Christopher Charles, a Canadian doctor, found out that cause for the crippling headaches the people in Cambodia were experiencing was from a lack of iron in their diets. He knew something had to be done, so he invented the Lucky Iron Fish. The small, iron fish is made just for people who are suffering from anemia, and it can provide adults with about 75% of the iron they need each day.

A Year Later, The People Realized

Iron deficiency is a common problem that affects nearly two billion people worldwide. Iron supplements are available, but they can be very expensive. The Lucky Iron Fish is an inexpensive solution.

lucky fish

If you boil soup or water with the Lucky fish inside for ten minutes, the iron content in the meal is elevated immensely. What is even better is that the Lucky Iron Fish will last for years.

lucky fish

After only one year, the number of people in Cambodia with anemia has been cut in half after they used the fish. According to the Lucky Iron Fish website, our bodies need iron to function properly.

lucky fish

It is an essential nutrient that helps our organs get oxygen. A person with anemia will have pale skin, be tired, had brittle nails and hair. They may also be experienced dizziness and not be able to concentrate at work or school.

lucky fish

Iron deficiency can be alleviated with the Lucky Iron Fish! If you go onto the Lucky Iron Fish website and purchase a fish, they will donate one fish to a community in need! Sounds like a win-win!

lucky fish


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