Scientists Post Hilarious Amazon Reviews For Everyday Items

Scientists of all varieties are known to be quite methodical folks. Their careers depend on the scientific method, which by definition establishes a procedure for creating sound scientific research. And though there are companies dedicated to providing scientists with all manner of implements and instrumentation, sometimes everyday items provide the same resource — and at a fraction of the cost. And recently with the #reviewforscience hashtag on Twitter, scientists have left Amazon reviews for common, everyday items that are useful for odd scientific procedures.

Who says you can't be both scientific AND creative?

It all started with a tweet from Dani Rabaiotti, a London based climatologist studying African wild dogs and the changing climate.

And it seems like the scientific community was more than up for the challenge, considering the vast number of responses the tweet has garnered. Scientists of all flavors showed up to post their unusual Amazon reviews. And some of the items will make you think twice when you go to use them for their intended purposes.

For instance, your average black garbage bag has lots of uses. Apart from their very useful intended purpose of containing refuse, garbage bags are also sufficient at containing researchers who do not wish to be soaked. Though this technique is not trademarked strictly for scientists, it’s a cheap solution when you forget your poncho at home.

Everyone can agree that it’s difficult to perform a task when everyone is watching you. Especially if you’re trying to make a move on an attractive person across the room. But who knew that mosquitoes also had the same stage fright that we humans also experience? Luckily these Christmas lights produce the right mood lighting so that researches can encourage the flirty little blood suckers to get together.

Now, let’s not too hasty with these ‘personal massager’ assumptions. People have been using these tools for a while in order to coax out elusive spiders. And we have to give props to Alastair Gibbons for his contribution to these hilarious Amazon reviews.

Also rewarded a gold star for using an everyday item not for its intended purpose is Jules Bristow, whose obvious career involves studying insects.

There is a disclaimer on Q-Tips that they should not be used inside your ear. But nowhere on the box does the product give recommendations for use in kangaroo studies. Luckily Sam Arman contributed to the #reviewforscience hashtag Amazon reviews in case we were ever down under and in the need of low-cost dental implements for kangaroo teeth.

These are only a few atypical uses of everyday objects posted by clever scientists across the globe. Who said you had to be unimaginative to be a scientist, because these Amazon reviews definitely prove otherwise!


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