La Isla de las Munecas: Creepy Dolls That Rule a Mexican Island

The only residents of the haunted island called in Spanish “La Isla de las Munecas“

Dolls can be very frightening
We know that there are many of you who love horror stories, especially if they have just a nick of truth to them. Some true facts transform a made-up story into a more believable one.

Dolls can be very frightening – it is a widely known and a mutually agreed fact. Here is one scary place in Mexico that you may have not seen so far. It is located south of Mexico City, in the nearby canals and its inhabitants are dolls. Yes – that is right, real baby dolls. They are now the only residents of the haunted island called in Spanish “La Isla de las Munecas“. If you visit the place as a tourist, you will find plethora of hanging mutilated dolls without eyes or limbs. Some of them look like awful ghosts, especially at night.

All horror stories rely on tragedies. It is said that there once was a single island inhabitant named Don Julian Santana who found a body of a small little girl drowned in the canal. As he was scared by the girl’s ghost, he wanted to please her by hanging dolls on the trees. He found the dolls floating in the canal. His disturbed spirit could not be put to rest and he had to put even more and more dolls.

The scariest part comes at the end: it is said that Don Julian later also drowned in the canal. Believe what you may want, but these dolls are frightening!


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