17 Brutally Honest Posters Of 2018 Oscar-Nominated Movies

Movie posters should catch your eye and make you want to watch a film. That is why they often have a little bit of mystery about them that attracts the viewer’s attention. But what if they were completely honest about what the audience should expect from the film?

Here are 10 posters satirizing the the nominees in 2018's best picture category, along with I, Tonya for good measure.

College Humor and The Shiznit came up with a few amusing answers with posters of this year’s Oscar-nominated movies. Still, while being completely honest, the posters have no obvious spoilers in them and, in a way, makes one even more curious about the films in question. So, whether or not you’ve seen all of the nominees, we invite you to scroll down and have a giggle at these fake posters.




















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