11+ Fails That Will Make You Worry About The Future Of Humanity

Thanks to the internet, we’re privy to examples of the downfall of humanity on a daily basis, as social media is laden with photos, videos, and GIFs of folks exhibiting truly nonsensical behavior.

Everyone makes boneheaded mistakes from time to time. However, there’s a big difference between a careless error and one that oozes of stupidity.

Similarly to rubberneckers who can’t look away when they drive by a devastating accident despite the fact that they know they don’t want to see what they will inevitably see, we as humans can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to view someone doing something especially idiotic.

With that in mind, check out the epic fail gallery below!

Watching The Paint Dry


Imagine finally finding the time to knock something off your wife’s seemingly never-ending ‘Honey Do’ list, and accomplishing this tedious task only to subsequently realize you’ve trapped yourself in the basement for the foreseeable future…

At least he meant well…

Never. EVER. Cook.


Some people simply should never — under any circumstance — even think about attempting to use any cooking appliance aside perhaps from the microwave.

Even that might be too dangerous…

Ice Cream Abuse


Well that certainly escalated quickly. But what did he think was going to happen in the first place?

Mother Nature DGAF!


Mother nature doesn’t care that you just a bought a new car you truly can’t afford and want to keep it as nice as possible before the bank shows up in your driveway to repossess it.

If you’re foolish and/or absent minded enough to leave an entire case of soda in your vehicle during a deep freeze, you deserve the consequences…

Newlywed Goals


Sometimes newlyweds get so caught up in their exciting life development that everything else becomes blurry and many mistakes are made…

Better Safe Than Sorry?


Well, she get’s an “E” for effort for attempting to prepare for this situation. But an “F” for foolish overall…


Vending Machines Are Evil


Few things in life are as frustrating as purchasing something from a vending machine only to have it get stuck on the way down. But to have it happen twice in a row is borderline unimaginable.

Let’s hope he shook the heck out of the machine and received his meal instead of resorting to smashing the glass into smithereens…

Pregnancy Thermometer


Ugh … Knowing stupidity passes from one generation to the next, let’s hope this thermometer was wrong.

Super Bowl History


That’s not how it works. That’s not how ANY of this works…

Nothing Gets Past This Couple


Never would have guessed this woman is pregnant. Good on them for making a totally instinctual — based on solely a hunch — decision to purchase a pregnancy test, as there’s no telling how far along she would have been before they realized.

Someone actually got paid to create this Predictor advertisement, which is difficult to comprehend…



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