An American Company Learned to Make Perfectly Realistic Copies of People

It seems that the Westworld TV series is going to become a reality soon. The American company Abyss Creations makes absolutely realistic dolls named RealDoll. They speak several languages, can remember information, and their silicone skin is very much like human skin.

Realistic dolls coming

Are you ready to learn what engineering and modern technologies are capable of?

Each model is made by hand, and the result is worth the effort: at first glance, it is impossible to understand that it’s an inanimate object standing in front of you. The most interesting (and at the same time eerie) thing is the fact that the face of the doll can be made to an individual order.


Over the years, the company has succeeded in significantly improving its technology: silicone, which is used in production, is practically a match for human skin by touch. Each hair and eyelash is worked out carefully and in detail. Just look at the way she looks at you!

The dolls are bought by designers, photographers, stylists, collectors, and people who didn’t succeed in meeting their second half.

The price of this miracle of science and technology is not small — it starts from $5,000. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t taught their creatures to walk and move. However, who knows? This issue may be solved very soon. And that’s when we are going to meet a fascinating and unusual future.

On one hand, such realism can be a bit frightening. On the other hand, it indicates the unconditional development of technologies, through which such things become a reality. But it is obvious even now that there are going to be more and more disputes about the ethics of such human copies.


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