12 Hilarious Grammar Fails That Will Make You Facepalm Really Hard

Everyone knows one or two (or 12) people who can’t stand when others make grammatical/spelling errors. Members of the ‘Grammar Police’ oftentimes lose their minds on folks who make mistakes in posts on social media, as their passion for proper writing burns with the fire of one thousand suns, making it impossible for them to curb their urge to point out every single typo they see.

Does anyone double check their work anymore?

Yes, these people are incredibly annoying. Put simply, their act gets old after a while, as there’s truly no need to worry about precise grammar when posting a video about a very good doggo chasing his tail to Facebook.

However, these same people are especially useful in a work environment, as having someone with the hawkish eyes of a copy editor on Adderall around will oftentimes help prevent boneheaded errors from occurring in important scenarios.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) most offices do not have one of these people on staff. Thus, even in this spell check/auto correct era, it isn’t unusual to see signage laden with mistakes.

Check out 12 examples in the epic gallery below!


I know a few dogs who would object to their nuts being sold for just $2.25…

Your Vs. You’re

You have to feel for a teacher who receives something like this as a gift. On one hand, it’s the kind of sweet gesture of appreciation that teachers truly don’t receive often enough. On the other, it sorta makes them look like a complete failure…

When Your Computer Has A Mind Of Its Own

Since when do computers ask such personal questions?

Dollar Store Goals


Why would anyone buy this? It appears as if the only way to salvage this item is to add an “E” to the end and gift it to the bride at the next wedding you reluctantly attend…

No Excetions

The irony is melting my face!

Cannibal Park


So, eating children is ok, but don’t you DARE forget to pick up the dog poop!

Dont’t Drink And Drive


More like dont’t drink and type, amirite?

An Vs. And

Now we know why people have such a difficult time with prepositions in Oregon…

Alarmed Door

Poor door…

Shamed By You English?

How did the publisher not clean this up?

Two Easy

*Facepalms uncontrollably*

Disabled Elderly Pregnant Children

Not exactly the most inclusive toilet in the world…



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