This Husky-Pomeranian Mix Puppy Is So Cute You Can’t Handle It!

There’s no denying that we melt like butter when we see adorable pups. This is especially true when we see amazingly cute puppies like Norman. He is a Pomeranian/husky mix and we think that he is the cutest dog we have ever seen.

There's no denying this mix is a pawsome one

He is small like the Pomeranian but has the marking and the fur coat of a husky. He’s basically a midget husky and he is soooo cute! If I could take him home I would but he already has loving humans that would never give him up.

Have you ever seen this mix before? I sure haven’t and I am totally in love now. I wonder if you could find someone who is breeding the adorable pups?

Either way, it is your pleasure to sit back and dream of running your fingers through his fur.

Norman is a cute blend of adorable Pomeranian male and audacious Husky female.

He wants you to pet him!

He has big eyes with long lashes.

And uses them to get exactly what he wants!

Rachel and Matt, his parents adopted him in LA. Now they are a happy family.

I’m so glad he has a good family.

He has got companions at home.

Thankfully he has friends to play with at home.

Norman has got fans everywhere.

Who wouldn’t be a fan of the cute pup?

He is cozy and warm. A perfect cuddler.

He sure does look very cozy.


A cute fur ball when 5 weeks old.

Sleeping beauty.

Norman has siblings and we hope to get to meet all of them.

He is eye-candy of his parents.

His parents have got him a plush bed and equally cute toys.

Norman has a huge fan following. 70,000 and counting…

He will grow into a handsome hunk!

If there was a pageant ever for Mr. Universe in Dog category, Norman would be a front-runner.


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