17 Nicki Minaj Quotes That Are a Little Too Real

Words that inspire you and make you feel good

Nothing but the truth
Sometimes, you just need to read a list of quotes that will kick your ass in gear, inspire you and make you feel good.

Nicki is that for me and she speaks nothing but the truth!

You ready to cry, kick ass and be a queen?

Read below!

1. You Shouldn't Be Pressured to Be Skinny

This quote is beautiful, especially with all of the pressure on women and their bodies.

2. Just Refuse!

Seriously, refuse it all!

3. Hard Work Does Pay off

Don't ever be lazy, which is hard in this day and age.

4. A Little Marilyn Inspiration

LOVE this quote! It's so beautifully done.

5. I'm Just a Human

Remember that! You are just a human being.

6. Focus on What You Have

Seriously. This is huge!

7. Just. do. You

Most important quote I've ever seen!

8. A Little Inspiration

Sometimes, you just need to hear you are beautiful.

9. I'm a Bitch

Be assertive with what you want in life!

10. But Don't Let 'em Get You!

There are always these people, but don't let them get you down.

11. Neither Should You

Take a page from Nicki's book!

12. Totalllllly Agree!

Let's unit girls, if you don't like someone? Tell 'em! Don't be their friend.

13. You Are More Beautiful when You Are Happy


14. Make the Most of Your Life

Forever and always, live life to the fullest.

15. Let's All Be Queens

I'm game!

16. I'm Just Gonna Be Me

And you should be you.

17. A Little Disney Play!

Sometimes, you have to be both.

These quotes are so true!


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