27 People Who Took Yearbook Photos to Another Level


These funny photos are the perfect way to end the school year!

The yearbook photo, apart from the actual graduation, is the culmination of all the things you did at school. Whether you have been good or bad, it gives you the opportunity to become memorable to your friends, classmates, and teachers. Apparently, some people go beyond the usual yearbook photos to stand out from the crowd.

Below are some hilarious students and teachers 14with the most unforgettable yearbook photos. Check them out!

#1. When you got too much of this in your life.

#2. Well they said dress and look best, so I went as Napoleon.

#3. “Oh here it is, Fred.”

#4. You know what is happening here.

#5. Because he kept blinking his eyes, he did this.

#6. How did you pass Law School again? Eating biscuits.

#7. He has been waiting to do this his entire life.

#8. Sometimes, you need to go full retard in yearbook photos.

#9. Yes, this is a science teacher. And he nailed it.

#10. When teachers act cooler than their students.

#11. When you pretend to be your own twin brother.

#12. Best faculty picture ever!

#13. Because heroes go to school, too.


#14. When you are trying hard to be a man but you’re still too young.

#15. What to do you when you have a classmate who looks exactly like you? Wear a sunglass.

#16. Literally the center of attraction.

#17. Just by looking at this photo, you know exactly what kind of teacher he is.

#18. This teacher wore the same outfit for his yearbook photos for 40 years.

#19. When you are about to sneeze but yearbook photo is life.

#20. Whoever said chivalry is dead?

#21. Since this is my last yearbook photo, might as well go with a bang.

#22. Oops, someone is not happy.

#23. They have been saying this the whole time at school.

#24. I got my ears on you.

#25. You go, girls.

#26. This one, too!

#27. This is probably the best in the list.


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