DIY Glitter Wall With Mod Podge

So creative and interesting to spice up the room ambiance

Fabulous idea

Here is a fabulous idea to paint your dull wall into a shimmering, sparkling wonders for your home upgrade! Jenn B, youtuber of Jennb Makeup Magic shows us how to make a beautiful Glitter Wall using craft glitters and Mod Podge! Which is so creative and interesting to spice up the room ambiance into a chic modern one that girls would love. If you want to make your room with thick glitter instead of regular glitter paint, this would be a perfect solution and alternative of glitter wall paper, and most of all, easy, fun and budget friendly!

All Supplies you need:
  • Glitter (Any color and sizes, Jenn here uses subtle glitter and chunky glitter)
  • Mod Podge, gloss formula
  • Goo Gone
  • Sponge paintbrushes
  • Putty knife
  • Mod Podge sealer (optional)
Be sure to stir the mix evenly before painting. You can make part of the glitter wall with this fun idea, or create a pattern over the wall to create different touch for personal preference, let’s see how Jenn make this possible:


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