15 Best Deleted Scenes We Can’t Believe We Missed

Deleted scenes are a mixed bag. While they accomplish quite a bit, as far as giving fans a glimpse into the production process, they are almost always cut for a reason. Therefore, they aren’t usually all that exciting. The most common reasons for cutting a scene are that the scenes don’t advance the story or character and/or the scene is superfluous or more of the same thing as what they already have. However, deleted scenes do show us what areas, themes, characters, and whatever else the director wanted to shore up. In some cases, the scene that was cut might have actually accomplished more than a similar scene that was left in. Sometimes, the deleted scene shows too much, and the director wanted to pull the reins back a little. There’s a lot of variables here.

Everyone enjoys watching deleted scenes

Well, we enjoy watching deleted scenes. Peering into the director’s mindset can be interesting. Often, even though most of us don’t entertain deleted scenes a canon, one of these cut sequences can reveal more information about the film or a character. Sure, you get the stink eye when you try to use one of these scenes to discuss the film, but it’s okay. You can talk about them today. We won’t judge. The deleted scenes that we’ve chosen today are in two groups. One group are the scenes that could have very well been in the movie. While we see why they were cut, they could have been included and the film likely wouldn’t have suffered. The other group is made up of the deleted scenes that are interesting but we’re glad were cut. They don’t add anything to the film, and we are no worse off for having missed them. Here are 10 Best Deleted Scenes You Won’t Believe You Missed (5 We Don’t Care About).

15. Back To The Future III – Shooting Of Marshal Strickland

Despite some questionable behavior from pretty much everyone in the Back to the Future franchise, one of the best things about the trilogy is that it is wholesome. This is about as feel-good and fun as a film franchise gets. Sure, there are low moments and some weird stuff going on, but the worst bits (save that stuff outside the dance) are almost always wiped out by time travel. It could have been a bit darker, though. In Back to the Future III, they shot and deleted a scene that would have Buford Tannen shoot Marshal Strickland in the back. As his son cried over Strickland’s dead body, Tannen and his gang rides off laughing. Harsh. While we’re glad we saw this, we’re also glad it was cut. We know Buford is a scoundrel already. We don’t need to see him murder a good character in cold blood in front of his child to understand it better.

14. King Kong – Spider Pit Scene

Even though this was only a fun recreated scene by Peter Jackson when he made the 2005 remake of King Kong, we included it because the spider pit scene was a deleted scene from the original 1933 film. Jackson made a faithful recreation of the scene with a smattering of old shots, and it looks awesome. The scene shows several crew members begin to be chased by Kong. They try to cross a log across a ravine, but Kong shakes them off the log and they each fall to the ground below. This turns out to be a pit infested with monsters, such as spiders and crabs. The record says that this scene was cut because it “stopped the story,” but there are stories and legends of another reason. This scene was cut after the first showing, and apparently, audience members were screaming and one even fainted after seeing this sequence.

13. True Romance – Clarence Dies

Honestly, the only reason we’re including this one is because True Romance, in general, is still neglected by a large portion of the average film fan. Now, because Tarantino penned the script and references to this film are found in other spots throughout the Tarantinoverse, his followers have made it a cult classic. It’s also considered one of the greats by many film aficionados, so it’s not been totally abandoned. The film just isn’t devoured as often as it should be. That makes the deleted scenes from the film not very well-known. If you’re going to watch just one deleted scene from the film, make it the alternate ending, which shows what could have happened had Clarence died in the final shootout. It’s worth a watch, if only to see more of Patricia Arquette in one of her best roles in an outstanding career.

12. Almost Famous – Stairway To Heaven

Call us crazy, but outside of all the incredibleness that is Almost Famous, the movie seems to miss a lot of the love for rock and roll. Now, don’t get us wrong, there is some love there, especially when compared to most movies. However, the deleted “Stairway to Heaven” scene would have really brought a lot more of it to the screen. Admittedly, the scene is long, as the entire room of people sits down and listens to the famous Led Zeppelin song, but it’s fun and it’s sweet and shows what music can do to a room when people sit down and actually listen.

11. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – The Other Kiss

We are all well aware that Luke and Leia kiss in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, but how many know that there was supposed to be another kiss or, at least, a near-miss kiss. The scene was written in to address more clearly Mark Hamill‘s scars from his recent car accident. After the Wampa attack, which was in the original script, Luke found himself healing up in the infirmary with a Bacta mask on. This is when Leia comes in and the siblings get real serious. Luke tells her that he’s been thinking about Leia, then both lean in. Their lips almost touch. Thankfully, they’re interrupted because this kiss, as opposed to the spiteful one in the final cut, had a lot of passion and love in it. The whole sibling reveal would have been a lot more awkward had this kiss gone down.

10. Get Out – Badminton

Watching the deleted scenes in Get Out gives you a great appreciation how aware Jordan Peele is of what he wanted and needed to accomplish in his film. Though we loved the deleted badminton scene, we understand why it was cut. During the weird white people party in the film, Chris was to be lured into a badminton game with Rose, her brother Jeremy, and another guest. During the game, the party guests would all start watching closely. After a minute or so, they all are standing around the badminton game, getting a closer look at the “merchandise.” It created a very eerie zoo-like atmosphere. After the game, Chris leaves and walks into the house and goes upstairs. This is when we get the weird scene in which all the guests stop moving and become silent as they listen to Chris. Now, Peele said that the badminton scene was eliminated because it undercut the effectiveness of the scene that followed it, the one with everyone listening, and he’s right.

9. It – 1600’s Scene

Even though we may never see it, we have heard it described and have seen the script for a scene that would have Pennywise back in the 1600’s terrorizing a family. In the scene, Pennywise was not the clown but more like a human, and he is asking for a woman’s baby. When the woman denies him, Pennywise promises to kill her entire family as opposed to just the baby. He then shows her the deadlights to hypnotize her and slowly eats her baby. The scene was said to be cut because it was just too disturbing (we can understand why) for the tone of the film. It may also turn up in the second film as a backstory of sorts. But we’re not so sure that would be a good idea…

8. The Abyss – Wave Scene

If you’re someone who has only ever seen the special edition of The Abyss, you’re probably thinking that this entry doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Anyone who knows anything knows that the special edition of The Abyss is the only edition anyone should ever watch. Still, there are too many people who haven’t seen the proper ending. In the theatrical version of the film and all non-special editions, the film ends rather abruptly. Basically, Bud is saved by the aliens and everyone is reunited. The end. Nothing about the aliens or their intentions. The special edition includes a deleted ending in which the aliens, feeling threatened by humankind’s tendency to go to war, use their control over the earth’s water to set up massive tsunamis on every coast. As the waves approach and people freak out, the aliens suddenly stop the waves, just threatening us with them and telling us to chill. It’s a great addition to the film. There’s also a U.S. vs. Soviet Union context in the special edition that is omitted in the normal version.

7. Terminator 2 – T-1000 Glitches

The crew on Terminator 2 got so much extra footage, they could have made two movies. The final cut of the film was excellent, but there were some scenes that could have easily made the final film and it wouldn’t have suffered. In fact, it might have been improved, if that’s possible. The one scene that we believe might have added something to the film is the T-1000 glitches. This was a continuing little element that was cut. It showed the T-1000, after being frozen and busted up, glitching out. Everything he touched, his hands or feet would take the color and form of. It was pretty amazing.

6. Justice League – Iris

When we saw the final cut of Justice League, we wondered the same thing that everyone wondered: Is this the whole movie? How much was left on the cutting room floor? This film was rushed and unfinished. The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg were crammed into the film, having not benefited from solo films. We just knew there was more that was left out, and there was, like the entire characterization of these heroes. Of all the deleted scenes, the one that has the Flash saving Iris West was by far the best. This not only shows Flash’s ability in an amazing way, but it gives us a bit of his personal life too.


5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Dad’s Grave

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was convoluted. That’s why when we saw the deleted scene of Peter Parker seeing his father alive and well at what would have been the end of the film, we were glad it was cut. This film just had too much already. Throwing in just one more curve ball would have been much too over-the-top. It certainly wouldn’t have helped the film. Sometimes, and it’s especially true in this case, less is more. Besides, this was going to open up a storyline for the third movie, and we all know that that film never got made.

4. The Truman Show – The Homeless Jogger

We’re not quite sure if this deleted scene was meant to replace Truman’s father’s storyline, but either way, deleting it was the right decision. In The Truman Show, you might remember that Truman sees a homeless man who resembles his father. Truman’s dad had been killed off in the show early to create a fear of water in Truman, but the man came back and snuck on the set. It appears that this scene was half inspired by a deleted scene that involved another homeless man. In the cut scene, Truman would bump into a homeless man, paying attention to his nice running shoes. Later, when he starts noticing that things in the town are off, he sees a jogger. Truman recognizes the jogger as the homeless man. He’s even wearing the same shoes. Though it’s a cool scene, the scene with the father is similar and much more effective.

3. In Bruges – Harry’s Past

In Bruges is an incredible film that gets overlooked maybe most of all because people think it’s a French film. It isn’t and it’s spectacular. In the film, we are introduced to a ruthless and unflappable mob boss named Harry. In a flashback, we’re shown what Harry was like as a young man. While we’re not sure why the flashback scene was deleted, we’re glad it was because even if it made Harry look crazy, it was too unrealistic. In the scene, we see a much younger Ken holding his dead wife and a young Harry walks in, played by Matt Smith. It seems that some man named Potter killed this woman. Harry then calmly walks into Potter’s place of work and beheads the guy. The craziest part about the whole thing is that Potter is a detective and Harry did the beheading and even gloated about it after inside the police station. How he didn’t spend his life behind bars is beyond us.

2. Return Of The King – Aragorn Fighting Sauron

Near the end of Return of the King, in the big battle sequence out front of the Black Gates of Mordor, Aragorn fights a giant troll. This wasn’t the original plan, though. In fact, a different fight scene was shot altogether and discarded, a fight between Aragorn and Sauron. Sauron would take the same form that he had when he made the ring of power and would confront Aragorn. Thankfully, the team realized that this fight was counterproductive. First of all, it wasn’t in the books. Second of all, Aragorn wouldn’t stand a chance against Sauron, and if he did, it would diminish the power of Sauron. Thirdly, this fight put all the importance on Aragorn when it should all be on Frodo and Sam. Instead of deleting it all, they just turned Sauron into a giant troll.

1. Terminator 2 – The Future

Even though we are not big fans of the Terminator sequels beyond Judgment Day, we are still glad that the alternate ending for Terminator 2 was cut. In this sappy happy ending, an aged Sarah Connor watches as John pushes his daughter on the swing in a park. Sarah speaks into a recorder about how the end of the world never came and some stuff about hope and some mushy crap. Compared to the rest of the two films, this ending feels madly misplaced. Thankfully, it was cut. Having said that, this ending would have made the future awful sequels impossible, so there would have been some good in keeping it.


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