19 Most Amusing Confessions Made By Flat Earthers

The idea of the Earth being flat has been around since ancient times. There were many cultures that believed the world was shaped like a disk or a plane. However, due to scientific breakthroughs, people had learned that the Earth is actually spherical. As a result, the notion that the Earth was flat has been debunked. The majority of people realize this fact and know that the Earth is indeed a sphere.

It's true, people are this ridiculous

However, there are some people on this planet that insist the Earth is flat, and due to the internet, and by using YouTube and social media, the proliferation of this idea has become easier. There are many reasons why people believe this, and it’s sad to know that the theory is progressing and allowing more and more people to believe it.

Everyone knows that there are an abundance of conspiracy theories out there, some more believable than others. However, regardless of proof, there will always be some who disagree with science and facts. Even with the centuries of scientific research confirming that the Earth is round, there are plenty of people who refuse to believe it. Some believe it to be a lie, despite the evidence given to them.

Celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neil (whether he was joking or not), the rapper B.o.B., and Tila Tequila are among the few who believe that the Earth is flat. There were also plenty of Whisper confessions made by Flat Earthers, and listed below are 20 of the best ones that were worth sharing!

19. The Government Must Have Something Important to Gain By “Lying” About The World Being Round

Reading a Flat Earther’s logic is quite interesting, considering that they spew out their facts without ever really being able to back it up. And quite frankly, what would the US government gain by saying the Earth is round, or any other shape for that matter? In fact, there were many replies to this confession stating that fact. How would they make money by saying the Earth is round? It’s both humorous and tragic that a Flat Earther would go out of their way to say this because it simply doesn’t make sense.

One of the replies to the confession stated: “Alternate theories don’t work when you must actively ignore proof and proven data, or when you say any proof you don’t like its invalid”. This pretty much sums up the fact that Flat Earthers believe what they want, despite the proof around them, and blame it on the government conning people to believe the Earth is round.

18. Since Buildings Don’t Have A Slight Tilt, Then The Earth Has To Be Flat!

This Whisper confession right here is proof that these Flat Earthers fail to realize how tiny people, animals, cars are compared to buildings, let alone the Earth as a whole. Therefore, it is no wonder they would believe the Earth is flat for this reason alone. When anyone is walking on a sidewalk that is parallel to buildings and houses, they will appear to be lined up in a straight line because they are so much larger than any human can possibly be, as well as the cars that are on the road. Buildings are built on hills and slopes, but it is not noticeable and Flat Earthers will never accept that fact.

One reply pointed out, “They actually do. It’s just that even looking at the top of a building 35 miles away the tilt is only about 5 degrees. Hardly even noticeable.” It’s funny that there was no reply back because the Flat Earther who made that confession had nothing concrete to say.

17. The Fact That Planes Don’t Fly Into Space Must Be Proof That The Earth Is Flat!

This Whisper confession points out what many other Flat Earthers believe. They believe that if the Earth is round, then planes would always be flying into space. They challenge others by asking questions such as, if the Earth was not flat, then why aren’t pilots angling their planes downward? These folks clearly do not understand how air travel really works.

Pilots in the cockpit of any commercial airline never do the whole flight by hand. There are many instruments that they use to adjust the course of the plane, which includes putting the flight into the auto-pilot mode. Pilots are constantly making corrections and adjustments to maintain the flight and altitude, but because these adjustments are small, it is not noticeable. In other words, flights fly at different levels and at different speeds during the course of the flight.

One reply mentioned, “If the plane started to veer off into space, it would no longer fly at 47,000 feet, would it?” That sums up how air travel works.

16. A Ball Hanging From the Ceiling Means the Earth is Flat and Has Nothing To With Gravity Since It’s Fake!

This Whisper confession is incredibly amusing. This individual believes that if a hanging ball stays positioned downward, it is proof of a flat Earth. If it would be tugged in the same direction that the Earth spins, then it would debunk their theory of a flat Earth. It is quite known that Flat Earthers reject the concept of gravity. They believe that gravity is actually the buoyancy of objects of different weights interacting with one another.

Those with an ounce of logic know that not only is the Earth round, but that gravity is a real thing, and that is responsible for the ball hanging downward instead of being tugged side to side in conjunction with the Earth’s rotation. The reply to this confession by someone who knows the truth says it all, “What about that the fact gravity would always pull to the center and closer you are to the edge it would pull you to the center, logical thought.”

15. Don’t Tell Anyone That I Am A Flat Earther!

This Whisper confession is interesting on so many levels. The individual who stated that he or she is a Flat Earther felt the need to go on Whisper and make such a confession because he or she didn’t want any friends, family or coworkers to know.

It is understandable that people who are going through stressful or painful periods in life like to occasionally keep things to themselves. We all have secrets that we want to take to the grave with us.

Most people do not seem to have an issue with making it clear that they believe the Earth is flat. This confessor however, is obviously embarrassed by their belief, whereas many are more than happy to try and disprove anything that points to the world being a globe. The embarrassment likely comes from the fact that they know very well that their theory is wrong and ridiculous to believe in anyhow.

14. It’s A Ridiculous Thought That The Earth Rotates Because The Sun Does Instead!

This Whisper confession shows us that Flat Earthers really do believe the solar system is geocentric, and not heliocentric. That means they believe that the Sun, the Moon, and other planets go around the Earth instead of the other way around. They also believe that Earth does not move at all and that the sun is much closer to the Earth rather than being 93 million miles away. They also believe that the Sun and the moon are the same size, and only that people have been fooled to believe otherwise.

There were many amusing replies, but my favourite was this one, “Step one: buy a telescope. Step 2: point it up and peek through the hole. Step 3: find 1 other disk-shaped planetary body.” Any true Flat Earther would ignore that kind of advice because he or she just knows that the Earth is flat, without being able to back up the facts.

13. Antarctica Is An Ice-Wall That Surrounds the Earth, And The Continent Does Not Exist!

This Whisper confession made by this Flat Earther truly believes that Antarctica is a made up piece of land that people have been fooled into believing. Instead what Antarctica really is, is a ring around the Earth which serves as an “Ice Wall” that prevents people and animals from falling out. This belief is shared with other Flat Earthers.

Needless to say, those who do believe these theories are constantly trying to prove themselves right. They ignore the fact that people have set foot on the land, and instead stick to their opinion. Flat Earthers who make this claim are constantly getting into arguments with people who not only know Antarctica is a real continent, but who have actually been there, and these arguments between both are quite amusing.

Those who had been to Antartica did not respond well to this confession. After receiving several responses from people who had traveled there, the user responded back with: “Suddenly everybody and their fairy godmother has been to Antarctica. Sure you have. All of you.”

12. The Moon Stays The Same At All Times, So The Earth Must Be Flat!

This Whisper confession made by a Flat Earther clearly believes the Earth is flat because of the fact that the same Moon is seen at all times. They also likely believe that the Moon circles the Earth slower than the Sun, and the Sun and Moon are frequently at different angles to one another which both rotate around the disk-shaped Earth. Therefore, the shadow of the Moon changes its position slightly each day in its relationship to the Sun. That means whenever they look at the Moon, that is the only reason why it would appear as a crescent, or half, or full.

However, this Flat Earther received the following replies from those who know the truth about the Earth being a globe, which of course were rejected: “That’s because the rotation of the Moon and the Earth are the same. If you go to China you would see a different side,” as well as this one: “Due to the fact the Earth is spherical, the face of the Moon is turned on its head when viewed in ie Australia.”

11. All NASA Wants To Do Is Lie And Scam Everyone!

This Whisper confession shows that some people are of the opinion that NASA is doing more to disprove the “truth” while not putting the effort to prove the lie; which is the Earth being round.

They also believe that NASA has photoshopped images that were made from space to make the Earth appear round, even though the kind of technology that we have today did not exist in the 1970’s, let alone Photoshop. In fact, it is known for obvious reasons that NASA workers receive the same kind of abuse that people who have been to Antarctica receive from Flat Earthers. NASA is incredibly threatening to them, which is why Flat Earthers make outlandish remarks about them similar to this particular Whisper confession. This reply made by someone to this individual is golden: “They don’t spend any time trying to disprove the flat earth. You guys do that quite well yourselves.”

10. If You Did Enough “Reacherch”, You Would Then Know That The Earth Has Been Flat This “Hole” Time!

This Whisper confession made by a Flat Earther was the funniest around. Firstly, no one needs to even point out that the grammar and spelling are appalling, and the replies that this user received from other members pointed this out quite well.

If this person’s intention was to intimidate others, than they failed miserably. As it is, this community is barely taken seriously, but after a confession like this, it just makes you laugh. If you’re going to try and prove something, at least use proper grammar. In fact, one user replied by saying, “Until you learn how to actually write words properly, I’ll continue to believe the fact the Earth is round.” Another user responded with an incredibly logical response that makes this confession a little less silly, “You’re partially right. There is a lot of land past Antarctica. It’s on the other side of the globe!”

9. A Flat Earther Who Has Some Logic!

This Flat Earther who made this Whisper confession is actually right, as someone happily pointed out by replying: The same holds true if you swim due south on spherical earth.

What made this confession even funnier is this Flat Earther could have said to swim north, west, or east and would have ended up at the “ice wall”. Instead, he or she said anyone who swims south would end up there! Even though they’re right, it’s important to note that they still think someone could swim “straight” as

though the Earth is linear.

Other than that, sometimes you have to wonder if some of these people who claim to be Flat Earthers know deep down that the Earth indeed is a sphere. In this case that could have been possible since this confession is the most logical one that any Flat Earther has ever made, even if that was without intention. It makes you wonder.

8. A Suggestion That There is More To the Flat Earth Theory Than Anyone Can Possibly Know About!

This Whisper confession made by this Flat Earther wanted people to be aware that there is more about the Flat Earth theory than anyone can possibly know about. In other words, there are some huge secrets that these Flat Earthers claim to know that has not ever been leaked.

This is only just another tactic of theirs to make “Globe heads” look like fools that have been lied to by NASA and anyone else telling them that the world is round. If you were to ask a Flat Earther to let you in on their biggest secrets, they would obviously refuse. That is because the biggest secret any Flat Earther has, is that they have absolutely nothing to back up their theory. All they do is spew silly words about the world being flat.

The best response to this confession was, “Any hole in the ground will open deeper and wider the further you dig. Duh.” In other words, the only thing this Flat Earther accomplished was making themselves look ridiculous.

7. A Flat Earther That Is ButtHurt!

This Flat Earther who made this Whisper confession made it so clear that they are butthurt over being the subject of ridicule, which in a way makes it even more amusing.

The fact of the matter is, if anyone goes online and starts spewing out so-called facts that cannot be backed up by any kind of proof, then they will be mocked quite harshly. This really applies to all conspiracy theories that have never been confirmed, such as autism being caused by vaccinations.

Anyone who believes that they know there is any truth to this conspiracy theory will be treated quite poorly. If this person is so upset about being mocked, then he or she should have really kept the thoughts about the Earth being Flat offline. That would have spared this individual’s feelings.

6. Society Will Never Advance As Long As It is Believed That the World is Round!

This Whisper confession that was made by this Flat Earther is hilarious on so many levels. They claimed that as long as anyone holds the belief (and let’s face it, the knowledge) that the world is a spinning ball, it is not possible to advance as a society. What this user failed to do is explain why. After other users asked this individual to elaborate on this so-called fact, they obviously were unable to give any reasons. The fact that more and more people believe that the world is flat is what is truly concerning for society.

Fortunately, there are more people who know the truth about the world being a sphere who will keep knocking down silly claims made by Flat Earthers, which is hopeful that society will indeed keep advancing. The best response to this confession was, “The only thing flat Earthers fear is sphere itself.”

5. An Example Of How Influential YouTube Really Can Be!

This Whisper confession made by this individual is proof that there are so many gullible and naive people in the world, who would easily start believing in any conspiracy theory- such as the Flat Earth Theory. This is a very scary to come to terms with.

Sadly, people like this clearly lack any kind of common sense and logic. If anyone watches YouTube videos that are full of random nonsense and believes any of them, that is bad news for them. It is apparently a lot easier to be brainwashed through YouTube than we believed.

Worse still, was that this person likely was watching YouTube videos for fun, but now with a confession like this, has people replying to tell them that yes, the Earth is indeed flat. We can only hope this poor confessor did not get sucked into the community of Flat Earthers.

4. A Mature Flat Earther Speaks Up!

As previously mentioned, Flat Earthers do not believe in gravity. This Flat Earther who said the ball does not move on the ground because the Earth is flat, did not respond kindly when people answered this confession by pointing out that gravity is the reason the ball remains still on the ground.

That however, is not what makes this confession so sad. The fact that he or she is telling “roundballers” to grow up and to stop knocking down the Flat Earth society is what makes this confession quite pathetic. The only people who need to grow up are the ones who believe that the Earth is flat. Their theory has no proof, whereas science has proven over and over that the Earth is round.

3. A Logical Person Surrounded By Family Who Are Flat Earthers!

This Whisper confession is different from the rest. This one is made by someone who knows the truth about the Earth, but is surrounded by their family who recently became Flat Earthers. The disturbing thing about this is that this particular user knows that the Earth is a sphere based on the fact that there has been proof and data to back this up- and he or she must believe it in order for none of this Flat Earth nonsense to make sense.

However, the scary thing about this is that he or she actually had a need to go onto Whisper to ask any Flat Earthers to help convince this individual to back up what their family had been saying. Obviously, those who believe in it were quick to tell this user why they should get on board with believing the Earth is flat. One can only hope that this person remains clear headed.

2. The Best Prank Around Is To Shock Others By Pretending To Be a Flat Earther!

This Whisper confession is different from the others. This user is clearly not a Flat Earther who obviously agrees that the theory is untrue. Therefore, they decided to pull a prank on their roommate’s sister, so she would think that the user is a Flat Earther. That is quite clever.

If nothing else, this offers you a chance to get creative with April Fool’s. Pretending that you stopped being a “Globe Head” and that you finally discovered the truth about our flat Earth! That is going to shock a few people initially, guaranteed, and possibly be considered to be one of the best April Fool’s pranks ever created.

1. The Ice Wall Is Guarded Which Is Why Nobody Can Go Past It!

This Whisper confession was actually a reply to someone who asked why people believed the Earth is flat. Moving past the fact that they think you’ll be held at gun point, there is another reason why this post is hilarious.

Flat Earthers do not believe Antarctica to be a continent, but rather the “ice wall” surrounding the Earth that holds water, buildings, people, and animals inside. If you don’t think that by itself is hilarious, the idea that soldiers will shoot you down if you get too close is funny all by itself. If that doesn’t do it for you, how about the fact that they believe that traveling there by boat is impossible? This belief is due to the fact that there are parts of Antarctica that are inaccessible, which is true. Therefore, these Flat Earthers had to latch onto that and create a “reason” for its inaccessibility. This kind of logic is quite interesting, to say the least.


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