10 Funny Insurance Claims

Most people buy Insurance from some clear and Obvious things. Such as Insurance in Case of Accidents or Loss of Health. Someone Insure Their Lives and the Lives of Children, or, for example, A House on Fire. And if the Event Occurred – people go to the Insurance Company for payment. It Would SEEM That everything is simple and clear.

Insuranceclaims can't get funnier than this!

But Sometimes the Insurance companies have to deal with really complex and very unusual Situation.


1. Paula Catelli from Italy to Insure your expensive Wedding Dress handmade in Case it is stolen. At the Wedding, She WAS so Absorbed That Got too Close to the grills for barbecue.Dress Fabric Instantly broke out, But Brave and Resourceful groom Picked up the bride with her ​​and jumped off A Cliff into the sea. The Dress WAS hopelessly flawed and, Although such an insured Event in the Contract WAS not yet the Insurance Company to Pay 50% of the cost of the dress.


2. A Lawyer from North Carolina Bought A Box of Cigars and expensive insured Them literally everything. After the Were Cigars smoked, the Lawyer Claimed Damages, citing the FACT Cigars That Were affected by the Fire. Insurers refused to Pay, But the Lawyer Won the Case, being Able to PROVE That the insured Event does not contradict the Contract and Received $ 15,000. HOWEVER, the Insurance Company’s Lawyers Challenged the Court’s Decision on the grounds That the Customer Intent to destroy the insured Property. For Fraud Lawyer Received two years in prison and paid a $ 24,000 fine.


3. By Purchasing iPhone, farmer Ivor Bennett from the UK immediately insured purchase.After some time, the Smartphone has stopped working, and the farmer Asked the insurers.It Turned out That Bennett as iPhonom USED A Flashlight When Taking A cow birth, and even in the Smartphone Managed to Get Inside the Animal. Insurance Company Will reimburse the full cost of the farmer Phone without finding the Reasons for the Refusal.


4. A resident of the United States appealed to the insurers a statement in which he said that from a closed garage stole a boat 30 feet Long. HOWEVER, the length of the Garage WAS only 24 feet and 30-foot boat just could not fit there. Fraudster Received A year suspended sentence and A Fine.


5. The Couple traveling in the jungles of Malaysia, has Decided to Retire to the Tent. They left Clothes Outside, immediately Stole A monkey. As an Insurance Company, Apparently, Laughed A lot, But the Damage is Fully compensated.


6. Ben Kotller Indiana Hurry to Get Home for Christmas dinner. Suddenly, A huge tree

Ben Flew Straight into the windshield. It Turned out That the tree WAS Carrying someone on the roof of the car, and Turn it just Fell off. In the end, Ben bought a new windshield for the insurance, and gladly left the tree itself: the perpetrator of the incident and could not find.


7. Theatre comedy troupe has protected itself in case someone from the audience during the performance suddenly die of laughter.


8. The first car was insured in 1901. At the time, cars Were Still quite new mode of Transport, so no Special Conditions of Insurance policies or did not exist. Owner of the car WAS discharged Ordinary marine policy on the grounds That the car – it’s a ship that carries traffic on land.


9. Management of cottage settlement requested to insure local landmark – the oak older than 120 years. The tree WAS Estimated at 200 thousand rubles and insured against fire, lightning, unlawful acts of third parties and being hit by vehicles.


10. rested in Antalya Women are not quite Successful Vacation. In A statement insurers She wrote the following: “I Ask you to compensate me Moral Damage Caused by Replacing 3 * hotel with half board at the 4 * – All Inclusive. As A result of rest, I put on weight to the obscene and the husband left me. ” Was compensated – is Unknown.


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