18 Photos That Will Make You Say, Hey, At Least I'm Not That Bad

Shout out to your local IT person.

The printer explosion is like an art piece about office life.

1. Whoever set up these speakers:

2. Or this router:

3. The person who rested their laptop on the stove:

4. Or whichever employee filled this printer:

5. This probably wasn't a smart place to put that candle:

6. The person who filed this claim:

7. Or whichever guy thought this would be "cool:"

8. This lazy person's dilemma:

9. The person who thought this would be a good candle holder:


10. Or that this would be a good place for chewing gum:

11. This person has cracked:

12. Or the person who literally baked their phone:

13. They clearly thought this was a touch screen:

Hint: it's not.

Hint: it's not.

14. Pray for the person who has to fix this issue:

15. And this person who's literally melted their device:

16. This person thought duct tape would be a quick and easy fix:

17. And lastly, it might be time for a new laptop:

18. Actually, while you're at it, a new screen too:


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