15 Professions That Have The World’s Most Beautiful Women

There are reports that beautiful women face hiring discrimination in the workplace, because yes, people do hate you because you’re beautiful, but this is not always the case, and if your attractive life has many, many advantages.

You won't believe you eyes!

According to a report by Business Insider, not only are attractive people viewed as being healthier and more intelligent, but good-looking executives are proven to have higher sales than their coworkers, and studies have shown that people like attractive women more than their more average-looking peers. Apparently, they even think that they are more competent and trustworthy, and this deduction is based on their looks. This may seem like a shallow and stupid assumption to make about someone, but it happens more often than we care to acknowledge.

So, if you’re ridiculously good-looking what profession should you go into? Although there are beautiful women in all professions, there are some jobs that are better known for its stunning workers, and these positions are usually in the service industry — because, again, dealing with clients is made a whole lot easier if you’re a 10 in the looks department. If you’ve been wondering which professions attract the most beautiful women in the world, then below are 15 jobs that are known to attract people who are really, really good looking.

15. Air Hostesses Have A Skill For Always Looking Flawless

When you’re in the air you’re usually taken care of by a crew of air stewards, most of whom are impossibly good-looking and have a skill for their makeup never getting smudged. Anyone who has ever taken a long-haul flight will appreciate this point, because when you’re getting off the plane with makeup down your chin, or the biggest dark circles below your eyes, these women somehow manage to look as though they have had eight hours of beauty sleep somewhere in the back of the plane, and their lipstick is perfect — seriously, it’s so unfair.

And for the men out there, flying for hours on end is made so much more enjoyable when you don’t just have good service, but also someone beautiful to wait on you.

14. A Personal Assistant May Get The Employers Eye Wandering

It may seem like a cliche Hollywood scenario when a man ends up having an affair with his personal assistant, but unfortunately, this happens in real-life. As for the reason that this tends to happen more often than it should? Well, this would be an assumption because we can never have all the facts, and it could be down to several reasons, but two of the most obvious would be that the pair are working closely together, or it could be because the personal assistant is drop-dead gorgeous.

Ladies, if you’re worried about this cliche playing out at home, maybe you should ask your husband if you can help him screen his potential personal assistants, you know, just to be on the safe side of things.

13. Actresses Are Impossibly Beautiful

Of all the professions on this list, I think it’s safe to say that this one is the most obvious because Hollywood is known for its incredibly beautiful people. In fact, the entertainment industry is one that is partially responsible for the unrealistic standards of beauty that are set out for women, and one of the reasons that women all over the world struggle with body acceptance and self-love — because how can you look like those celebs?

You can’t deny that although the entertainment world does have some average-looking people, most actors and actresses are very good looking, and I think that most people would probably argue that watching a film is made just that little bit more interesting when you have some serious eye candy to ogle at.

12. Ring Girls Get The Crowds Excited

If you’ve ever watched a professional boxing match then you would most probably have noticed that there are beautiful girls who walk around the rings between rounds carrying a sign which indicates the next round. Their job is not complicated, and you may wonder why they are there in the first place, after all the round could just be announced by the commentator or put up on a screen? But if you listen to the hollers from the crowd when these girls appear in the ring, then their role may become more obvious.

These women are there to yes, announce the round, but they are also there to add some estrogen into a testosterone-filled and violent sport, and the balance makes the viewers very, very happy.

11. Receptionist’s Give A Great First Impression

When you’re hiring someone you should be hiring them on their competence, and their ability to do their job is very important. That said, for certain jobs, it would be beneficial to have an attractive person (assuming they can do the job just as well as anyone else). And one of these jobs seems to be as a receptionist because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but so many of the women who fill this position are stunning.

Why do you need an attractive receptionist? Well, this person is at the front of the office, and the first person that customers see when they enter the building, so in order to give a good impression many people want to hire someone who is put together and attractive (being capable is certainly a plus).

10. Massage Therapists Are Usually Attractive

Every time I go for a massage it’s a beautiful woman who is doing it, and while I’m not suggesting that these women are hired because of their looks, it’s really not that surprising that most of them are fit. People who work in the health and wellness industry are in good health, after all, you’d be less trusting of them if they didn’t look the part. This is probably why many massage therapists are slim and toned (they’re also very strong).

I’m sure this job has many perks, then again, I’m also sure that it has its disadvantages because if someone is being touched by a person who is attractive, things could take an inappropriate turn. Not to mention these women have probably all encountered at least one unprofessional request, which probably makes their job super awkward!

9. Swimwear Models Look Good On The Beach For A Reason

Again, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that swimwear models have made it onto this list because not only are they gorgeous, but their bodies are enviable. If you want something to sell, you need to make the product look as appealing as possible, which is why these models are so beautiful, and they make the swimsuit look incredible on their bodies.

If you feel as though you’ll never look this good, don’t worry, because not only do these women have incredible genes, but they also hit the gym regularly and eat extremely clean. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that they have a nutritionist and a personal trainer at hand for all times, as well as a makeup team and a stylist, too!

8. People Love Good Looking Executives

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a broken record here, yes, people tend to like attractive people and clients respond well to them. You may not have guessed that there are a lot of really good looking executives because they are usually hidden away in boardrooms or working in the office until all hours, but those in leadership positions have an edge if they are attractive.

According to Business Insider, studies have shown that attractive executives have higher sales. Data from over 300 Dutch advertising agencies found that firms with good-looking executives have higher revenues, and that overall productivity (which results in more sales) was better in those firms that had beautiful workers. What does this mean? Well, when dealing with clients, attractive people tend to have an advantage.

7. Makeup Artists Understand The Power Of Cosmetics

Some men don’t like women who wear makeup because they feel as though it’s deceptive, but whether you like a woman for her natural beauty, or whether you think she looks stunning all dolled up, one thing we can hopefully all agree on is that makeup artists are beautiful. And apart from mostly being genetically blessed, they also understand the power of cosmetics.

Have you ever walked into a makeup store and been more interested in the makeup artists surrounding the counters more than the actual products themselves because of their flawless makeup? Many women wish they were as capable with a brush and eyeshadow and these women, and because they are in the business of highlighting people’s best features, it should come as no surprise that they do this to themselves, too.


6. Beautiful Teachers Are The Reason For Teen Crushes

Looking back on my school days there are certain teachers that stand out, mostly because of their teaching techniques, but the more attractive teachers are also memorable.

Teaching is an incredibly important profession, one that does not get enough praise, because these people put so much into their jobs to ensure that the young minds they are working with get the best possible experience and take away as much knowledge as they can. They work long hours, and when the bell rings their day is not over, but apart from shaping the youth, there is also something very appealing about people who work in this education profession. It has inspired endless Halloween and role play costumes, but hot teachers don’t only exist on Oct. 31, and this is probably why so many teenagers develop crushes on their teachers.

5. Weather Girls Make Weather Interesting

Most of us can simply Google the temperature for the day, and don’t need to know much more — unless you’re planning to a massive party and you don’t want the weather to destroy it — so for this reason, we don’t see the need to watch the weather channel. So, I assume to keep things interesting many weather girls are really good-looking and well-dressed.

If we are being honest here, the weather is not the most interesting thing to watch on TV, so it definitely helps if these people are attractive. And they are so attractive that people have decided to make lists of the hottest weather girls, as a sort of homage to them. Among these weather girls, according to Georgia Day News, is Mary Gamarra, Maria Quiban, and Bri Winkler, who is pictured above, who worked for KABC before decided to trade in TV her Masters.

4. Waitress Aren’t Just Good At Their Job

People in the food industry are often underappreciated, and until you’ve had one of these jobs and learned to deal with grumpy customers, you’ll never appreciate just how hard this work is (believe me, I worked a lot of shifts during college).

And with any job in the service industry, if you’re dealing with clients it can be an advantage if you’re attractive, which is why some people are not just hired because of their experience, but also because they tend to be very good looking — there are some restaurant franchises that employ people for this very reason (and their certain assets). Is it more important to have someone friendly and good at their job than someone who is incredibly beautiful? Of course, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone who is both.

3. Personal Trainer’s Embody Fitness And Health

If you’re just starting out at the gym or if you need someone to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals, it helps to get a personal trainer. And while these people are dedicated to helping you succeed and shed the pounds or get toned, they are also required to look the part. Think about it: Are you going to train with someone who looks unhealthy? If you did, how would you know that you’re going to see results?

Personal trainers are usually extremely fit and have pushed their bodies to ensure that they are at their ultimate level of fitness (you don’t get those killer abs overnight), which is why they are deserving of a spot on this list. And these days you don’t just have to go to the gym to see how beautiful personal trainers are because there is a squad of fitness models and personal trainers gracing social media and serving as inspiration for women, and men, to achieve their health goals.

2. Real Estate Agents Don’t Just Sell Houses

Most people who work in sales positions are in a way selling themselves, as well as the product, because if they are not well-dressed, polite and put together then you’re most probably going to be reluctant to purchase something from them. And most very successful people in these industries realize this and use it to their advantage, which is probably why real estate agents are not only attractive but also have a keen eye for the finest outfits that money can buy.

Some of the more famous real estate agents in the world include Dolly Lenz, Lisa Wu, and Jade Mills, and if these three women tell you anything, it’s that selling houses is made a lot easier if you know how to do your job, and do it well, but also if you look the part.

1. News Reporter’s Look Good On TV

Not everyone who appears on TV is ridiculously good-looking, but that certainly seems to be the case for most people who work in this industry, and along with actors and actresses, and weather girls, news broadcasters also seem to be blessed in the looks department.

When you’re watching TV most broadcasting journalists are really good looking, take American reporter for KTTV in Los Angeles, Courtney Friel (pictured above) for example, or Bloomberg TV’s Susan Li, these women are not just smart and well-spoken, but they are also stunning.

So, if you’re still wondering if being beautiful has its advantages, then I think it’s safe to say that as this list proves, there are many professions in the world where you will definitely be given the edge if you’re pretty.


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