This Dude Trolls the DMV With Ridiculous Driver's License Photos

The DMV takes many prisoners, but it's possible to strike back against the hellish institution if you're a troll.

We should all get behind this.

Take comedian Jono Zalay, whose driver's license photos fly in the face of all convention. In fact, posing like a complete idiot for the DMV camera is something his entire family's done since his dad started the tradition in the 1970s.

Zalay shared the familial bond with his Twitter followers on Tuesday, first with a picture of his brother:

Then Zalay, who recently moved to California, treated us all to his new shtick before he went to the DMV for his new ID. It comes across as something mirroring a confused, new-wave cyberpunk, but then again we can't really be sure.

Observe the process:


Congratulations to this man for making the DMV a better place.


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