5 Normal Looking Homes That Hide Terrible Secrets

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. When you are done reading about these stories, you’ll understand that you should never judge a house by its exterior either.

Sometimes, a perfect house has a dark past

Buildings are like time capsules. Even with all of the renovating and flipping in the world, there are some things that we are powerless to change and one of those things is history. A building retains its past no matter what. You can paint or tear down walls, rip up flooring to replace it and even change the layout of the home but you can’t rewrite its unique history and the events that happened behind the front door. The following are five stories about homes that might seem ordinary and maybe even boring from the outside, but on the inside, they are hiding a smorgasbord of creepy and disturbing secrets thanks to the previous residents.

To some people, a home is just a four walls, a ceiling and a place to lay your head at night. Basic shelter from the storm outside. But what if there is a secret storm brewing inside courtesy of chaotic energy brewing from years in the past? If you are one who tends not to believe in these types of things, let’s see if we can change your mind with these five eerie true stories from Reddit users who encountered normal looking homes hiding terrible secrets.

5. Naughty Nuns And Their Appalling Secret Babies

A Reddit user called moonwarden666 posted a story about some acquaintances who bought an extremely old property (around three hundred years old!) which used as an addition to a convent. Around fifty years ago, it had been converted to apartments. The story starts when the couple began to renovate part of the property.

“They went to live there and there was some maintenance given to certain parts of the property,” moonwarden666 wrote. “There was a wall which was slightly wider than the others. They began to give maintenance to that wall but the outer layer fell apart due to the rain and age. While trying to fix it they found dozens of skeletons of babies. Well, authorities and historians came and went, and they came to the conclusion that the nuns tossed their babies there right after giving birth to them, Lord knows if they were alive or dead by then.”

4. Red Eyes From The Past Showing Up In A Former Asylum

Zutsky on Reddit posted, “…I used to rent an apartment that was in a converted Victorian asylum. It was rumored to be haunted, but I never heard or saw anything whilst living there. When I met with a leasing agent to hand the keys back at the property, and for him to run through a final inspection he asked if we had been ‘happy’ there. I said something to the effect of yes, but we were only moving as the landlord had it up for sale. It became clear he was after some kind of ghost story as he explained that none of his colleagues liked going to any apartments in the building because when taking photos to market one of them, the red eye detector kept triggering on his phone when no one was in frame! The poor guy looked nervous as heck the whole time we were there.”

Is it just us or does Zutsky seem calm and as cool as a cucumber for someone who lived in a former asylum? From what we gather, Zutsky must have guts of steel to knowingly move into a converted asylum in the first place, especially one that was rumored to be haunted! No wonder the leasing agent was nervous!

3. The Former Morgue With Spaciously Creepy Closets

One especially disturbing story was posted by Reddit user Player_Haterz_Ball who told of a historic converted apartment building that he used to oversee as a property manager. Many moons ago, the building used to serve as a hospital with a morgue in the basement.

“Even after 50+ years on most days you could catch a whiff of formaldehyde,” Player_Haterz_Ball wrote. “Some days were more pungent and distinct than others. Of course being the basement it also had the addition of that musty basement smell. Since this was once a hospital, obviously it had a morgue. There are a handful of apartments in the basement, and the original tile on the floor marked where the morgue actually started. In one of those apartments there is a bedroom with incredibly spacious walk-in closets. If you haven’t already figured it out, these two massive closets are the old body lockers with the original latches on the walls next to the entrance to the closets. I still for the life of me cannot understand how anyone could live in that apartment, because I wouldn’t even go into that apartment by myself.”


2. The House With The Husband Who Never Left

Reddit user colonrody posted this short yet spine-chilling story: “Property inspection turned up a dead body in the attic, a suicide where someone hung themselves. Home owner thought her husband had left her years ago… which I guess he did.”

So many questions. First, the obvious. How did the wife not know that her husband’s deceased body was in the attic for many years? When she moved out, wouldn’t she have had to clean it out? Did she not use the attic? Did she kill her husband, stage it to look like an accident and create the cover story that he took off years earlier? We’ll never get the answers to these burning questions but one thing that we know for certain is that the property inspector didn’t get paid enough on that eerie day of work.

1. Eleven Tragic Endings Found In The Home

Yup4545 from Reddit posted a story that puts the hunt in househunting in the most terrifying way possible.

“When I was looking for my last house,” Yup4545 wrote. “I went with my wife and realtor to look at several houses. We went to look at one house in particular because it didn’t seem like the price they were asking for could be real: a huge house sitting on tons of land with outbuildings, going for millions under market value. We got there, and the realtor said “Oh, I should mention, a serial killer lived here and when he was put away cops found 11 bodies on the property.” Oh, well that’ll do it.”

You’ve got to give this sneaky realtor credit for trying to slip this doozy bombshell into the conversation without spoiling the sale. If we had to guess, we would say that the realtor is still trying to unload this real-life nightmare of a normal home with a dark and ominous past.


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