15 Pics Proving That the Wind Has a Sense of Humor

Nothing can be as joyful as the wind on a hot, sunny day — a little breeze, playfully stroking your hair.

Soo funny :-)

A “wind of change” is the promise of a new future. But the wind can also be a big kidder sometimes.

15. Not pregnant! Just the wind joking around.

14. “Here, take a helmet, friend.”

13. Not even the Pope is immune.

12. A little more than they bargained for!

11. The wind helped a fountain to fountain.

10. Wind + rain + bicycle

9. New breed — the “fluffed-up Pomeranian”


8. Fake lawn. Real wind.

7. “But I swear I parked properly!”

6. The wind is in on canceling school today.

5. This trampoline dreams of being a UFO.

4. A strong wind or lazy builders?

3. Who needs to paraglide when you have a jacket?

2. Those short skirt accidents!

1. Mass umbrella destruction

Who are we to fight with nature, especially considering how hilarious it can be at times?


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