20 Hilarious Chinese Rip-Offs of Famous Brands

They say that if you want a cheaper version of an expensive product, the counterfeit version made in China is the way to go. Chinese-made products can be surprisingly convincing, especially if you’re only looking at pictures of the product before buying.

These products are shameless!

They can replicate clothes, shoes, phones, and even cars that the less discerning consumers might end up falling for. This is why there’s a huge market online that sells fake Chinese products that mimic the brands we all know and love.

While these Chinese goods may look like the real deal from a glance, you’ll soon realize that they don’t perform even half as well as the originals do. So if you’re looking for a cheap rip-off that’s less than a quarter of the price of the original, you’ll love these counterfeit goods.

But if you want to keep your eyes open for fakes before you buy, be aware of the following copycats!

1. Sportswear brand Uncle Martian vs. Under Armour

2. Apple iPhone vs. Chinese HiPhone that runs on Android.

3. Apple iPad Air vs. Onda Air that also runs on android.

4. An entire fake Apple Store!

5. The Range Rover vs. Land Wind

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6. A Rolls Royce vs. Geely GE

7. Walt Disney’s Disneyland vs. Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing

8. Walmart vs. Wu Mart (They do admit that they want to be China's Walmart)

9. Starbucks vs. Sunbucks

10. Colonel Sanders' KFC vs. Obama's OFC


11. Pizza Hut vs. China's very puzzled Pizza Huh

12. McDonald’s vs. Maikenji

13. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings vs. China’s mashu-up Harry Potter and the Leopard Walk-Up-To Dragon

14. Oreo vs. Borio

15. Corona Light vs. Cerono Extra

16. Olay vs. Okay

17. Doublemint vs. DOUBIEMLNT

18. Nike vs. Knie

19. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey vs. Johns Daphne Tenderness Whiskey

20. Playstation vs. Polystation


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