Awesome Hidden Homes That Are Made For the True Introvert

For every city dweller that loves to be close to where the action is, there’s a counterpart who prefers to stay away from the metropolis and live in the middle of nowhere. Introverts would rather sacrifice social life and the conveniences of city life for a real shot at total peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet done in style.

If you’re an introvert who has the typical nine-to-five earnings, the most that you could probably do is hide in your urban bedroom or stay in the suburbs. But what if money is not an option and you can live wherever and however you choose? Around the world are examples of dwellings that are made for the total introvert, homes that you probably have dreamed of.

Mirrorcube Hotel in Lapland, Sweden

Staying at the Mirrorcube is living in a gorgeous camouflage made of mirrored walls that reflect the lovely scenery of the woods around it. The cube can accommodate two people and is equipped with a double bed, toilet, lounge, and even a rooftop terrace.

Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland

Local lawmakers do not allow people from building raised structures in the town of Vals. So a brilliant architect did the opposite and designed sunken villas that are a sight to behold.

Canyon Mansion in Utah, USA


The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house was built in 1986 in this part of southeastern Utah, sitting on 12 acres of land.

Bungalow in the Pines in British Columbia, Canada

Also known as the Tula House, the gorgeous home was designed to accommodate the growth of green moss, which made the structure blend with the rest of the countryside.

Houses Built on Top of Shopping Mall in Hunan, China

This is a great use of rooftops. These large spaces on the top of shopping malls are maximised to accommodate houses.

Desert Oasis in California, USA

If living in the middle of the desert is your thing, then this awesome home by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg is the dwelling for you.

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