20 Rare Views That Show A Different Side Of Things

Sometimes seeing things from a new perspective can inspire you.

Perspective is everything.

Or it can mess you up really bad.

This list of 20 rare views of things has a nice mixture of delight and terror for your viewing pleasure. Hold on to your butt!

1. It looks like a cool room, but it's really the interior of a violin.

2. This cross section of an apricot tree looks like a creepy alien man.

3. This triggerfish mouth looks oddly like a human mouth.

4. Ever see the inside of a goose's mouth?

5. Crested penguin mouth.

6. This other view of a penguin.

7. Golf ball encapsulated by two growing trees.

8. A parasite sitting where the tongue usually is in this fish's mouth, waiting for food.

9. A close-up shot of hatched butterfly eggs.

10. This view of what happens at the bottom of the ocean.


11. Maggot under an electron microscope.

12. An electron microscopic view of a moth's wing.

Have you ever seen a spider and cicada molting before? Well here are some...

13. A cicada molting.

14. Spider molting.

15. The inside of a cluster bomb.

16. You don't usually see JUST the nerves in your body.

17. Pearls inside of an oyster.

18. This mutant apple growing inside another apple.

19. The underside of a live sand dollar.

20. Inside a sea turtle's mouth.


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