10 Times Strangers Were Asked To Take Someone’s Picture

So you’ve arrived at the place you’ve been dreaming of visiting for years and you know you’ve got to capture the moment. This moment is so great a selfie wouldn’t do it justice, so you ask a helpful stranger to take a snap for you. The picture, however, doesn’t turn out as magical as you thought it would. Instead of an awesome photograph you were planning to put in a frame and hang in your living room, you get a random selfie of a confused old lady…


Sounds familiar? If not, scroll down to see the pictures of people that have experienced this. And next time you hand a stranger your phone to take your picture, double check that they definitely know what they’re doing.

#1 Sweet Old Man At The Beach: “Would You Like Me To Take A Photo Of You Two Love Birds?” My Wife: “Yes Please!” Nailed It

#2 Shoutout To The Woman Who Offered To Take A Picture For Us

#3 This Is The Disadvantage Of Traveling Alone. I Asked A Stranger To Take My Picture

#4 We Rarely Take Photos Together During Our Travels But When We Do Want One, We Usually Ask Someone To Take It. This One Is The Best Of The Worst

#5 When You Ask A Stranger To Take A Photo


#6 When You Get To Meet David Stirling And He Agrees To Take A Picture With You And Then You Hand Your Phone To A Complete Stranger To Help Get The Job Done

#7 We Asked A Stranger To Take A Picture Of Us At The Willis Tower In Chicago… Thanks, I Guess

#8 Boo-Ti-Ful!

#9 I Asked Someone To Take A Photo Of Me After I Completed My First Pacific Ocean Swim, And He Only Caught “Half” Of Me

#10 Thanks For Offering To Take Our Photo, Random Lady


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