Niagara Falls Freezes As Temperatures Plummet In US

At least 220 million Americans faced below freezing temperatures on Friday and things are expected to get much worse as it’s set to drop even further as they enter New Year’s Eve celebrations.

It's so cold the waterfalls have frozen mid-fall!
Mount Washington – which is the highest peak in Northeastern US – is currently dealing with -34 degree temperatures and wind chill clocking in at -89 degrees.

The bitter weather conditions have been responsible for a number of deaths as well as cancelled festive events, motorway pile-ups and car thefts across America, particularly in the Midwest and East Coast.

However, this hasn’t stopped tourists from visiting Canada and America’s most famous waterfall, Niagra Falls.

In fact, due to the wintery weather, it’s frozen large sections of the attraction, making the site look like a scene out of Frozen.

Speaking to local NBC news channel WGRZ, visitor Kevin McGowan said:

We came to see the wonders of nature and the beauty of winter, really. The beauty also comes with a lot of cold right now.

A lot of people see it in the summer, beautiful, but this is another kind of beauty and we need to enjoy it .

Another visitor, Nate Kimbler from California, told WGRZ:

It’s just really neat. It’s surreal to see the ice on everything. Just enjoying the environment, the snow on the trees…it’s just amazing

Unfortunately, not everyone is enjoying the winter though.

Central Michigan has had to deal with more than 30 car crashes due to the icy roads on a Flint highway while the southwestern part of the state saw a chain-reaction crash, which is said to have involved at least 40 vehicles.


Over in Cincinnati, police are warning car owners not to leave their cars unattended when they turn them on to warm up their vehicle.

They sent out a Tweet warning car owners, if they do leave their car unattended, ‘the only person who will be warm is the thief who stole your car’.

The arctic chill has also claimed the life of an 83-year-old woman, Nina Bradenburg, in South Dakota who died from exposure to the cold – her car had broken down and she left it to go and search for help – a search party found her body in a ditch at the weekend.

Earlier this week in Lake Erie, three people were found dead in a canal after their car slid off an icy road.

Iowa’s State Climatologist Harry Hillaker told The Daily Mail:

It’s pretty unusual to get that long of a streak where it’s completely below zero.

Historically, that doesn’t happen very often in Des Moines.

If you’re considering travelling around those parts of America, please be safe and make sure to take extra precaution on the roads.


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