17 Parents Who Are Assholes, But, Like, Really Really Funny Assholes

DISCLAIMER: When I say asshole, I mean it in a more "you're a savage" way.

Savage parents are the best.

Also, I'm saying you're funny, so don't get mad!

1. This shady father:

2. This brutally honest mother:

3. These prankster parents:

4. And this mom, who cannot be pranked:

5. And this mom, who made an Insta to mock her daughter's:

6. This father:

7. And this mom:

8. This mom, who's not here for moochers:


9. These parents, whose passive-aggressiveness is a gift:

10. And these parents, who were festive and ferocious:

11. This savage mom:

12. And this one, too:

13. This sneaky dad:

14. This protective AF mom:

15. This "roaster of the year":

16. This proud parent:

17. And this legend:


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