People Are Comparing This Ridiculously Photogenic Gorilla To George Clooney

If you’ve been to Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan recently, you might have noticed that your heart is no longer in your chest and has, in fact, been stolen by one of the zoo’s inhabitants – Shabani the gorilla. The Japanese call him ikemen, meaning ‘handsome guy.’ We call him a brooding, musclebound heartbreaker.

And We Can’t Handle It

Shabani spends his days flexing, staring thoughtfully into the distance, and enjoying bona fide social media fame. He’s Dutch-born, Australian-bred, now resides comfortably in your dreams. Sure, he may have two wives and at least two children already, but he’s a gorilla – they have this thing about not settling down. When he’s not too busy being Higashiyama’s official spokesman, or doing ads for Japanese candies and cakes, he’s wild company to be with.

Swipe right… Er, down, to see Shabani in all his glory, and let us know if you’d go for a walk in the jungle with him.

Meet Shabani, a 19-year-old gorilla who’s been living at Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan since 2007

He’s Dutch-born, Australian-bred, and 100% man

People in Japan have become so charmed by him, they call him ikemen – ‘handsome guy’

And, um… Can anyone blame them?

That brooding stare, those endless eyes, the way he struts around with so much confidence…

He’s even an entertainer!

Shabani went globally viral back in 2015, and though he’s kept it humble, he seems to enjoy the fame

He’s a western lowland gorilla, a critically-endangered species native to central Africa


They are often hunted for their skin and meat, or captured to be sold to zoos

Shabani was sent to Japan as part of a breeding program, and this hunk certainly did his part

After taking 2 lucky wives, Shabani now has 2 children, named Kiyomasi and Annie

Higashiyama Zoo even made him their official spokesman

Given his resemblance to certain famous faces, we see the appeal

After teaming up with Nagoya-based department store Parco, Shabani found his true calling – modelling

Would you go for a romp in the jungle with Shabani?


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