25 Things That May Look Scary But Are Actually Not

We are all afraid of something, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is a human nature, after all. We, as human beings, are all prone to irrational fears. To put it simply, we are scared of the unknown and the unusual. Hence, we always look for answers.

I do not know why but I find #12 a bit funny.

However, not everything that looks dangerous or odd is scary. Most of them are just illusions made by nature itself. Sometimes its just our imaginations that plays creepy games in our minds. Otherwise, we would not feel scared or threatened.

Today, we have gathered pictures that will somehow send shivers down your spine. But as mentioned above, there is no need to be afraid. They are merely illusions. Go ahead and check them out!

#1. Fear not, it is just the Clathrus Archeri Mushrooms or also known as the Fingers of the Devils.

#2. So, how exactly does one take a picture of Venice?

#3. These bees are just making things messy.

#4. Yup, that is a fire tornado.

#5. Is that a merman? Nah, it is just a branch of tree covered with leaves and algae.

#6. This was actually meant to support a Fight Breast Cancer program.

#7. “You never saw it coming, Fred?”

#8. The monster in your nightmare just became true.

#9. Oh, that is actually a coconut crab.

#10. This hardened lava looks like a path straight to hell.

#11. Well, it looks like the sky is about to fall.

#12. Meet the Spanish tawny shark. Weird and scary, right?


#13. Poor tree. Caught by lightning.

#14. This picture sums everything up.

#15. Frightening yet beautiful.

#16. Would you dare do this one day?

#17. Why pilots hate clouds so much.

#18. Legend says he is alive and kicking.

#19. Just taking a nap… here.

#20. I cannot even…

#21. That is sunset when viewed up and above the clouds.

#22. They say there is a new way to sky diving.

#23. Unfortunately, this is how a forest fire starts.

#24. I am 100 percent sure Michael Bay took this picture.

#25. The thing with cachalots is that they sleep vertically.


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