15 Attractive Female Celebs Who Are Really Dumb

It’s basically scientifically proven that pretty people have an easier time with anything and everything, and obviously that would also apply to people who work in the entertainment industry. However, beauty and intelligence almost always come down to one thing: DNA. You can just as easily be both beautiful and smart as you can be beautiful and dumb, or even ugly and dumb. Having an easier time navigating your way through life surely provides people with less of an opportunity to learn from difficult experiences, but other than that there really isn’t much of a difference between the lives of the beautiful and the lives of the average.

For the most part the stereotype of beautiful people being stupid is an unfair assumption.

However, there are a select few beautiful, successful people that remind you why the whole Zoolander model thing became such a stereotype. Beautiful people do have things easier, so if they lack intellectual curiosity it makes sense that they’d just coast on their looks, and if you’re accustomed to people fawning over you because of how you look you might actually start to believe that anything you think or do is amazing because so many people pump up your ego so often. And when it comes to people who work in the entertainment industry it makes sense that the ego boosting would be magnified a million times over. So which particular female celebrities managed to find fame despite the fact that they have said or done things that even an especially smart monkey would know was moronic?

15. Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren gained her modest amount of fame through her outrageous ultra conservative views and aggressive dislike for millennials (even though she is a millennial), and while it was an effective short-term strategy to get some attention she seemed to overlook or just be completely unaware of the fact that if you want to be a social and political commentator you have to like, know stuff. Also if you want to sell yourself as a commentator with a specific point of view then it helps if you actually agree with that point of view and aren’t just faking it for the sake of your career. Unfortunately, Tomi seems to have failed on both counts. She performed adequately when she was doing her own programming and acting as outraged as possible, but once she started appearing on other programs where she couldn’t guide the topic and conversation she either didn’t know what to say or wound up saying something that directly contradicted her supposed political views.

14. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb to be sure, but at least she managed to find a way to build her career around her own intentional ignorance. She’s really one of the original “celebutante” girls who became famous for being famous, but she really started to gain traction when she appeared with BFF Nicole Richie on their scripted reality TV show The Simple Life. Nicole came off as the sassy one while Paris came off as the stupid one, which was either because she is genuinely a moron or she somehow believed that acting like a moron was actually charming or cute. Not to mention, while Paris may have been savvy enough to make herself famous for being famous she certainly never figured out how to keep it that way. Even her former BFF Kim Kardashian figured out how to evolve with her market while Paris is in her mid-30s still playing a dumb, spoiled teenager.

13. Megan Fox

Megan Fox has a habit of saying a lot of stupid, outrageous, and offensive things in public and in the press, so much so that it has actually significantly damaged her career. Megan seems to think that a lot of the flak she gets from Hollywood types stems from the fact that she’s not very pretentious and says what’s on her mind, but she has undoubtedly said a few things that are irrefutably and objectively offensive. For instance, when she was once comparing herself to Scarlett Johannson, she said that unlike her, she didn’t have to throw a dozen SAT words into her every conversation to prove that she wasn’t mentally challenged, except she used a very offensive word to describe mentally challenged people. Girl, please do not. She also had a lot of issues working on the Transformers franchise, and after she was fired from the series one of the crew members posted an open letter calling Fox dumb as a rock as well as ungracious and trashy.

12. Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin is really only a familiar name because of her mom Sarah, and because she ever so inconveniently managed to get knocked up out of wedlock when her mother was running alongside John McCain in the 2008 presidential race. Were it not for her mother’s brief national spotlight she probably would have just lived out her life in rural Alaska, but in an effort to apparently capitalize on her surprise pregnancy Bristol actually started giving paid speeches on the importance of abstinence. You’d think that would be an awkward conversation starter with your child once he’s old enough, but hilariously it would seem that Bristol’s speeches didn’t actually stick with her, because the abstinence only professional wound up getting pregnant out of wedlock again. Now that Bristol is actually married she clearly doesn’t have to worry about another accidental pregnancy, but it’s insanely hypocritical that she made a career out of treating her own behavior like it was a crime.

11. Jessica Simpson

“Is this chicken that I have or is this fish?” managed to immortalize Jessica Simpson in pop culture history forever. The hilarious moment on her reality show with Nick Lachey entitled Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica is only one of her many super blonde moments to be featured on the show, and Simpson doesn’t seem to have gotten less ditzy with age. Among some of Jessica’s other greatest hits, we have her response to the question of whether or not she was anorexic. She said she is from Texas and that they don’t really have anorexic people in Texas – even though her little sister Ashlee admitted to struggling with anorexia herself, and obviously is also from Texas. Or we also have the classic, “I don’t eat buffalo” when Jessica was offered Buffalo wings. Clearly she can’t be a total idiot since she has managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of her career, but she sure is an expert at saying famously dumb things.

10. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has managed to squeeze quite a career out of being Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, but that doesn’t mean that she’s gotten through it without making some pretty serious and stupid mistakes or statements on the way. Aside from literally wetting her pants on camera during her tenure on The Osbournes, Kelly also caught a major case of foot in mouth disease when she was trying to reprimand Donald Trump. During her appearance on The View, Kelly said “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” Uhhhhh, I’m sure the Hispanic community appreciates your support, Kelly. Hopefully her heart was at least in the right place, but I don’t think anyone could imagine a worse or more racist way of demonstrating your objection to someone else’s racism.

9. Tara Reid

In one particularly hilarious word fumble, American Pie actress Tara Reid said that she “makes Jessica Simpson look like a rocket scientist.” Presumably what she meant to say was that she looked like a rocket scientist in comparison to Jessica Simpson, but that’s why you don’t want to drag someone else’s stupidity unless you are absolutely sure of your superior intelligence. But I doubt anyone would have mistaken Tara for a rocket scientist under any circumstance either. At the height of her fame she was really most famous for being an incredibly hard partier and almost the Paris Hilton of the acting world, and even on screen she never played any characters that exuded any kind of vibe of intelligence. I guess if your launch to stardom was driven by a movie where a teenager gets intimate with a pie you might overestimate your own intelligence in comparison to others, though.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence may be the world’s most successful actress at the moment, but that doesn’t exempt her from saying some seriously dumb things in public on more than one occasion. Lawrence came under fire not to long ago during her press tour for her film Passengers, because she told a “funny” anecdote about scratching her butt on sacred rocks in Hawaii and ultimately accidentally destroying them because of her intense itching, and then she seemed somewhat perplexed by the negative reaction to her story of rubbing her butt on a site of religious importance. She also made an incredibly bizarre statement in response to possibly having children someday that involved Kurt Vonnegut and people’s private parts becoming like a sponge once they’re older. It was so much word salad that it was pretty much indecipherable, and you wouldn’t think that a native English speaker would have that much trouble making themselves understood.

7. Chelsea Handler

While Chelsea Handler made her name as a comedienne with her brash and aggressive comedic style, she didn’t seem to grasp that just saying outrageous, insulting, or offensive things wasn’t automatically funny. In order to make it funny you have to actually say something funny in addition to the offensive or shocking thing. Aside from her dubiously funny but almost always mean comedy, Chelsea has also managed to distinguish herself among comediennes with her claim that she’s actually psychic. The politically opinionated TV host has also shared some pretty dubious ideas about her politics on Twitter. For instance, she tweeted that we should possibly trade the current president for Kim Jong-un because the latter now sounds less crazy than the former, which is a pretty serious glossing over of the violence, harshness, and overall dangerousness of the North Korean government, regardless of your opinions on the current US government.


6. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham initially started making news because the entertainment media thought that HBO might have found a new hit with a wunderkind writer and creator in Lena and her first major TV project, Girls. But after a few years and a mediocre performance, Dunham started making news much more consistently for saying some incredibly absurd, bizarre, and out of touch things in the press. She detailed some pretty disgusting abuse of her sister in her memoir and then was appalled when the world reacted badly to it. She also has said that she wishes she could have an abortion, she went on a bizarre rant about sports star Odell Beckham Jr. not finding her attractive enough at the Met Gala (which she somehow surmised even though Beckham hadn’t said anything to her), and despite the fact that she is a self-avowed feminist, she didn’t hesitate to call an abuse victim a liar when the perpetrator was one of the writers on her show.

5. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson certainly didn’t rise to her level of fame because of her intelligence, but over the course of her decades long career she has said and done some seriously questionable things. Anderson is a longtime supporter of the “animal rights” group PETA, even though the organization euthanizes thousands of animals a year. After picking prize partners like Tommy Lee, Rick Saloman, and Kid Rock, Anderson recently hooked up with suspected rapist Julian Assange and started publicly supporting his innocence. And her defence of him doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since she recently made statements that women are essentially responsible for their own abuse and should expect to be abused in certain circumstances, and when there was a bit of an uproar about her statements she doubled down and refused to apologize. Considering that Pam is an admitted victim of multiple abuses, it’s exceptionally sad and strange that she would say such a thing in public.

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is pretty shameless about being a true diva, but her diva behavior and just being famous for the majority of her life seems to have led to her missing out on some pretty standard life skills that most people have with and has a lot of expectations that aren’t really in line with what most people deal with in the real world. Miss Carey’s version of “working from home” is making everyone come to her house and do the work for her, and she also has some pretty specific and over-the-top expectations for her day to day life. She demands that she never be anywhere that has overhead lighting because it’s unflattering, and pretty much never leaves the house without being decked out to the nines. Mariah is so divalicious that her cameo in the Will Ferrell comedy The House actually wound up being cut, because the production was unable to meet her multitude of demands.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is really the deadliest kind of dumb, because she’s one of those dumb people who actually think that they’re incredibly smart. Paltrow was one of the first actresses to develop her own lifestyle brand with GOOP, and aside from a lot of her advice being painfully out of touch with the average woman (unless she thinks the average woman can afford $5,000 shorts) she now actually doles out a lot of “health and wellness” advice that is dubious at best. Some of the products she shills are not appropriate to be described here, but aside from being absurdly expensive they can also be damaging to someone’s actual health and wellness. She also thinks that eating healthy food can prevent cancer, and while I’m sure eating healthy doesn’t hurt it’s also certainly not a replacement for actual medical care. It’s almost as if people whose sole educational and employment experiences have nothing to do with health and medicine shouldn’t be publicly advising the world about health and medicine.

2. Brooke Hogan

“I am actually not that much into voting. I think it’s kinda crazy that a woman is running, because I think that women deal with a lot of emotions and menopause and PMS and stuff. Like, I’m so moody all the time, I know I couldn’t be able to run a country, ‘cause I’d be crying one day and yelling at people the next day, ya know?” These words actually came out of singer and reality star Brooke Hogan‘s mouth on her VH1 reality show Brooke Knows Best. Aside from being a stupid and astoundingly sexist thing to say, it’s also especially bizarre for a woman herself to be saying it. The fact that you’re a moody jerk does not mean that all women everywhere are also moody jerks. But honestly if that’s the kind of logic that makes sense to her then maybe we’re all better off without her voting.

1. Sienna Miller

In one particularly bizarre attempt at rationalization, Sienna Miller once said that she didn’t think that cigarettes were that bad for you, and that if you thought more positively about smoking then it would do less harm to you. Smoking is a brutal addiction that is understandably pretty hard to quit, but trying to convince yourself and others that you can somehow magically avoid the side effects if you just think positively about it seems like a dangerous delusion to convince yourself of, and is an exceptionally crappy thing to say to other people considering how many people have struggled with addiction or who have lost someone to cancer. If you want to smoke, have at it, but be realistic about the effect that it’s having on your body and the people around you instead of proselytizing about how the power of positive thinking can save you from some of the most heavily documented side effects in the world.


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