17 Of The Worst Crimes Ever Committed Against Sandwiches

Welp, my appetite's gone.


1. When someone actually combined peas, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

2. When someone made a Gushers sandwich, using Fruit By The Foot as bread.

3. When this store sold a licorice sandwich.

4. When popcorn and Easy Cheese were forced into a sandwich together.

5. When Tesco sold a sandwich that only contained chicken and bread and nothing else.

6. When this person stuffed Lucky Charms marshmallows into a couple of Twinkies.

7. When someone thought beets and cheddar cheese made for a winning combination.

8. When this person created the mac 'n' cheeseburger sandwich.


9. When this person attempted to create a taco sandwich.

10. When this person made a cheese and hot sauce sandwich.

11. When this person tried to make their version of an ice cream sandwich.

12. When someone made this open-faced, uh... thing?

13. When someone thought, "Hey, cotton candy is pretty good, but you know what it's missing? Bread!"

14. When this person decided to make an anchovy sandwich.

15. When this person ran out of peanut butter and was forced to make a peanut and jelly sandwich.

16. When this person decided that chicken nuggets were the thing to make their sandwich complete.

17. And when this person's hungry desperation resulted in... this.


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