Hashtags We All Would've Used Back in the '90s

We would've used these all the time

We did not have hashtags
Back in the '90s, when we just knew the hashtag as the pound sign on our sad old landlines, we did not have hashtags.

We had AOL and AIM, y'all, we didn't need them.

It's a shame we didn't, though, because viral things kind of happened in the '90s, too.

We just didn't have sophisticated social media platforms on which to share.

Very sad, right?

If hashtags had been a thing back then, I like to think we would've used these all the time …

1. #WhoLovesOrangeSoda

KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA! I live for the day there's a Keenan & Kel reboot. This hashtag will be everywhere.

2. #PartyOnGarth

Party on, Wayne!

3. #beaniebabymadness

Followed quickly by #omgWhyDidISpendMoneyOnThisWorthlessShit, I imagine.
#BadFad #BinsFullofBeanieBabies

4. #grunge

This would have been the perfect tag for all the #OOTD snaps featuring flannel.

5. #Whatever or #asif

Thank you, Clueless! The entire script of Clueless probably would've made it into hashtag form.

6. #talktothehand

'Cause the #face just don't understand.

7. #howrude

Theoretically, this could come back now. “Fuller House” and all, you know.

8. #RIPKurt

Oh, Kurt. We do miss you.

9. #Istandwithlewinsky

Wow. If the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal occurred today, it would be so different. So very, very different.

10. #Y2K

Hahaha! HAHAHAHA! We were so scared!

11. #Snick


12. #RIPBiggie

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, we miss you, too.

13. #SPICE

Why were the Spice Girls so huge? Why were we so crazy about them?

14. #Teamross

Unless you weren't #TeamRoss, of course. I still have not decided if I'm on Ross's team or not.

15. #Rachelshaircut

Tagged, of course, as you received the Rachel. And again later, when you lamented getting the cut in the first place.

16. #Tamagotchi

Or, conversely, #RIPTamagotchi when you killed it.

17. #pogs

We probably would have come up with some way to play with them over social media.

18. #killedkenny


19. #mmmbop

I just did this one for Heather. Because she still loves Hanson.


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