Almost Nobody Can Find The Little White And Gray Cat Hiding In This Picture

Grace Spelman is a young woman living in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Pierogi.

Can you find the white cat in the photo?

A while ago, Grace realized that Pierogi had an unusual talent: hiding in plain sight.

When Grace moved into her new apartment, Pierogi started hiding in boxes, between bags of garbage, in empty cabinets, and everywhere else she could fit.

Grace knew she had to share Pierogi’s skills with other people, so she started snapping photos and posting them to her Twitter account.

Now, Grace has over 33,000 followers — many of whom just check out her Twitter for the most recent “Where is Pierogi hiding?” post.

And the thing is, they’re never disappointed. You’d think it would be pretty easy to find a white and gray cat in an apartment, but little Pierogi is truly a master.

On October 22, 2017, Grace shared the photo below, writing, “Please, my cat Pierogi, she’s very missing.”

Check out the picture. Can you find the cat?

When Grace shared this picture to her Twitter account, it got a lot of attention.

To date, the post has over 430 retweets and over 2,800 likes.

pierogi comment

People immediately started responding to Grace’s post, saying that they couldn’t find Pierogi in the picture.

“This one was so hard!!” one person wrote.

spot pierogi

Another person said, “These are so much better than Where’s Waldo bc I actually care about this sweet bundle of love.”

Take a closer look at the picture; do you see Pierogi?

pierogi hiding

We love a good “I Spy” image or optical illusion, which is why we love Pierogi so much.

You might need to zoom in on this picture to find her. Remember, you’re looking for a little white and gray kitty.

pierogi face

For reference, this is Pierogi. She’s mostly white, with a few gray spots on her face and her tail.

Now scroll back up and take another look at the picture to see if you can find her.

pierogi quadrants

If you’re still confused, that’s okay. Pierogi is very sneaky.

Let’s break this down into quadrants. Going one square at a time, see if you can find the kitty.

Need a little help? She’s in quadrant 3.

find pierogi

Here’s a closeup of the third quadrant.

Can you see Pierogi now? Scroll down to see Grace’s hint about her hiding place.

pierogi hint

According to Grace, “complete bath” is a helpful hint.

Take one final look, then scroll down to see exactly where Pierogi is located.

pierogi circle

There she is! Pierogi’s hiding spot is between some boxes, right by a white bag.

Because she’s white, she blends right into her surroundings!

pierogi chilling


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