22 Funny Images That Prove Photoshop Experts Are Trolls

Since the arrival of Photoshop, the world of digital imagery has never been the same. And there are a lot of things that you can do – thanks to this amazing software. You can make a picture appear like you are somewhere else when you are just actually in your room. Heck, you can even crop a person in the photo and replace it with another.

#1 is funny as hell! :-)

Moreover, Photoshop is meant to express our imaginations. But as we express them, we sometimes cannot help but laugh at them.

#1. How to make this cooler?

This is how.

#2. Looks familier, eh?

I now remember.

#3. Just a goat.

Now that’s a GOAT!

#4. From here…

…to there.

#5. Hello!


#6. Nah, seems boring.

Now that is more like it!

#7. I really think this cat has some potentials.

I was right all along!

#8. Hey, bruh. I am just new here.

Ooops. Sorry, bruh.

#9. Ah, is it not cute?

Not if it is acting like the salesman at your door.

#10. I wonder why this photo seems to remind me of Vegas.

Well, how can I forget?

#11. Snakes are actually everywhere.

Even in your ice cream.


#12. You know why this one looks guilty?

Because of this.

#13. What to do when the dog does this?

You are welcome!

#14. Poor little creatures.

They just have no idea at all.

#15. Time to make you cute and useful.

Lo and behold!

#16. You are in for a trouble, dude.

“Double Trouble” actually.

#17. I have proof I taught Bruce Lee.

See? I told you.

#18. This is actually real. So real.

Of course, this one is not.

#19. Cats have dreams, too.

And this is one of them.

#20. What is your profession, frog?

Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!

#21. Human, where do you think I got my cuteness?

Thank them.

#22. It is hard to tell which one is more scared.

But they were definitelty the source of inspiration for this one.


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