Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts

Have you ever sent a text message to a wrong number? You should know that you’re not alone.

Awesome answers :-)

Usually, it’s an easy mistake to correct. However, some people have a harder time getting out of it. It’s all a matter of the identity of the person on the other end, and just how much fun they want to have with your mishap.

1. While there are those kind souls that simply inform you that you have the wrong number, there are those joksters that get a good prank out of your small mistake. It’s all fun and games until you find out that you still need to get ready for work after thinking that someone was going to cover your shift.

2. Auntie Pat might need to look into double checking her numbers. First times understandable, but the same mistake twice might not be as acceptable.

3. Let’s hope the recipient of this text message has watched the movie Taken at some point in their life. If they have, the whole misunderstanding of a wrong number can be resolved with the reenactment (text version) of the famous line from the movie. If they haven’t, they might be a little frightened by a threat from who they believe is ‘Chloe’.

4. We’re not sure if this person texted two different people with the same mistake of using the same wrong number, or whether he is genuinely interested on making moves on the person that he is selling his car to… Either way, it’s peculiar.

5. Sometimes the pranking can really take a toll on a person. Here’s a case where the victim had enough and ended up spilling all of his problems to a complete stranger.

6. What’s worse than getting a text from the wrong number? Getting a text that really gets your hopes up. Sometimes the wrong person is actually the right person. Too bad “Dude” didn’t realize the friendship that could have come out of this mistake.

7. Pictures are a risky business. Luckily, the recipient of this mistaken text has a great sense of humor… such a golden humor that they actually reenacted the picture and sent it back.

8. There’s nothing as disappointing as being given a wrong number. At least this guy received the rejection in a pretty uplifting, humorous manner.

9. It’s not exactly clear as to why someone would randomly text an individual saying they look like an owl, but we’re not here to focus on that. We’re here to focus on the clever response of the stranger. Well played, stranger, well played.

10. Poor Pedro. Given his agitated response, we can assume that this is not the first time something like this has happened to him.

11. This one’s a little bit creepy but funny, nevertheless. This guy completely disregarded the fact that he got a revealing photo from the opposite gender, and decided to show some skin.

12. This guy definitely got “pics”, just not the pics that he was asking for. Was he given a wrong number? Or was this the Omegle “girl” all along? I guess we’ll never know.

13. Anton seems like a pretty intense guy, given his tendency to type in all caps. Maybe he was a little too intense in the moment, and didn’t realize that he wasn’t texting the “BOO” he thought he was.

14. As far as humor goes, this recipient sure has a strange sense of it. However, this recipient should know that there are better (more sensitive) ways to let someone down than pretending to be a cat.

15. There’s no individual that doesn’t (at least) crack a smile at this conversation. You never insult a lady, and apparently this recipient knew that… as he/she corrected themselves immediately after throwing the comment.

16. This person may have poured their heart out to the wrong person, but at least they got some practice for the real thing and an “I love you” out of it.


17. While that may be a “standard” cable and a “standard” cat, this sure is not a “standard” text conversation. We can’t help but wonder what the context behind the cable text was.

18. We surely hope that the recipient eventually revealed that he wasn’t the “coach”. We can’t help but imagine the disappointment that this team player went through if he didn’t actually find out the truth.

19. Let’s take a moment and envision how the conversation would have gone had Jeff been into the strange, unconventional hair styles “Mary” had texted him. Jeff may not be the best at typing out correct numbers, but at least he has decent taste in hair cuts.

20. Where’s the “Hi”, the “How are you?” It’s completely baffling how some people are completely comfortable jumping into a full on conversation, without an introduction, with people they’ve never texted before.

21. Is Hammer their actual name? Or just a nickname? Either way, if you call yourself a tool, you should be prepared for the jokes that accompany it.

22. Who are you? Why are you texting a picture of a cantaloupe? Why does the size matter? People are strange.

23. Sweet Brian. Completely disregarded the fact that he was given a wrong number and focused on improving this woman’s (well, man’s) self esteem. We need more people like him in the world.

24. What a nurturing gesture. This person, sensing the disappointment and knowing they could not deliver a physical hug, sent a hypothetical one with comforting words. Bro’s always have each other’s back.

25. These two strangers had quite the back and forth with one another. This texter seems to be of a friendly nature. Too bad he/she is not going to get quite the response they’re looking for with this jokster on the other end of the phone.

26. When in doubt, send pictures of young Aaron Carter. It will surely confuse the other person, give them a good laugh and make them truly question your intentions.

27. Imagine receiving a more than revealing picture from another woman. You wouldn’t question it, you would just thank the greater power for granting you such luck and ask for more… which is what this dude did!

28. This texter should be thankful. Nothing can sway your decision like a classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bike.


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