30 Epic Christmas Design Fails, That You Won’t Believe Ever Happened

With Christmas fast approaching, each day feels more and more festive. Wherever you go now, everything is Christmas-themed and lavishly decorated, and everything looks perfect. But wait a second, what does that singing angel remind me of? And that chocolate Santa?… Oh dear.

Santa would not approve :-)

Check out our list below to see the unfortunate designs for yourself and figure out what they remind you of.

#1 Maybe Using “Let It Snow” Wrapping Paper Wasn’t A Good Idea

#2 When My Grandmother Does The Christmas Decorations

#3 Underpant Christmas Ornaments

#4 The Mall In My City Is Getting Ready For Christmas With Bears That Stare Into Your Soul

#5 I Found The Creepiest Christmas Decoration Today

#6 I’m Gonna Put Them On My Christmas Tree Shaped Christmas Tree

#7 So Jolly This Year

#8 My Grandmas New Candle Holders

#9 My Grandma Proudly Presented Her Christmas Cookies That Look Like A Candle

#10 I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas Scene

#11 This Christmas Decoration Got Pulled From The Stores Because Of Its Unintentional Perversion

#12 Christmas Decorations Are A Little Different In Virginia Beach During The Daytime

#13 New Sculpture Erected In Paris. It’s A “Christmas Tree”

#14 Drawing Hands On The Mcdonalds Mittens Can Result In An Entirely Different Meaning

#15 These Christmas Lights


#16 Yeah, You Don’t Want Those Christmas Lights On Your Tree

#17 Merry Christmas

#18 No Thanks Santa, I Don’t Need Any Syrup On My Pancakes

#19 Mall Christmas Tree

#20 I Sat There, Staring, Wonderding Why My Religious Mother In Law Had A Severed Toe Christmas Tree Orament. Upon Closer Inspection…

#21 Accidentally Sent My Son To School With His Newly Bought Ugly Christmas Sweater. Didn’t Realize What Santa Was Doing Until His Kindergarten Teacher Pointed It Out When I Picked Him Up After School

#22 My Aunt Couldn’t Understand Why Everyone Was Laughing At Her Ceramic Santa

#23 Is This The “White Christmas” They’re All Talking About?

#24 Christmas Tree Fail

#25 This Christmas Ornament

#26 Lularoe Strikes Again With The Random Placement Of Santa’s Hand

#27 This Looks Sooo Wrong

#28 My Mom Saw Nothing Weird About This Christmas Decoration. I Beg To Differ

#29 Not Sure If Christmas Or Murder Scene….

#30 Santa’s Beard Grows With The Souls Of Children


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