Lawyer Quits Her Job And Turns Into Instagram Model With Over 1 Million Foll

Pia Meuhlenbeck quit her job as a lawyer and became an Instagram model.

 She made the right decision!

Pia Meuhlenbeck was a successful lawyer, but she was making a better living as an Instagram model.

Pia Meuhlenbeck was born on November 5, 1991 in Germany. The 25 year old model is a must follow.


Not only does Pia Meuhlenbeck have the beauty, but she also has the smarts. I’m glad she quit her job as a lawyer because I can follow her now.

She has over 1 million followers which means she has a lot of eyes on her. The more followers you have the more the advertisers pay you for a post.

Pia Meuhlenbeck has quit her job as a lawyer for about 18 months and hasn’t looked back since. Pia Meuhlenbeck also started her own sportswear line.

Let me guess, you probably are going to add this beautiful model on every social media. Wait till you hear her accent, amazing!


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