15 Photos That Prove No One Should Ever Get A Face Tattoo

Body art and alterations have exploded in popularity in the past five years alone. Tattoos are currently one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. and some regions of Europe. There’s just something equally as enticing and satisfying about getting a forever message etched into your skin. Some claim that the feeling of the needle on their skin is cathartic and even addicting; which might explain part of why facial tattoos are becoming more prevalent than anyone ever expected.

Hey Jenius, you spelled it wrong...

With new varieties of ink and several different trending social statements, there’s a tattoo out there for almost anyone. But as we all know, not everyone makes the best decisions and tattoos are no exception. Facial tats require the most commitment out of any other tattoo placement. Apparently, there are still many who simply don’t care if the stupidest idea in the world is forever a part of their face. The age-old saying, ‘No pain, no gain,’ is a longtime motivator to acquire something better out of life (usually a better look), but these tattoo-adorned individuals follow a more, ‘all pain, no gain,’ philosophy.

15. Apparently, Board Game Tats Are In…

Now, this guy looks like he wanted to forever live in the Ska scene. If you grew up in the 90’s and survived the Ska hysteria without getting any regrettable ink – most notably on your face – then you deserve a pat on the back. Matt Gone is clearly no stranger to the checkers, Ska or not, though. He has a checkered tapestry behind him and has various checkered tats spanning much of his body. While being big into a certain group is not something to be ashamed of it’s still up for grabs whether or not this is something you’ll want to inscribe into your face. And, Matt has received his fair share of social media controversy. Many have blasted the ‘checkerboard face guy’ online, and babies have even cried at the sight of him. He was previously known as the most tattooed man in the world, claiming he’d done it to cover his deformities. In spite of all of the negative feedback (which aren’t necessarily misplaced), you have to give him props for handling the bad reception so well.

14. This Cat Will Make You Wanna Say Goodbye

There’s a lot going on with this guy. When you typically think of the famed Hello Kitty warm and fuzzy thoughts drift to your mind almost automatically. Although, few people are likely to be as devoted to the famous feline as the above-pictured tattoo fanatic. It’s difficult to say what the meaning behind the blue line going down the center of his face represents, but we can comfortably assume that it’s somehow cartoon related. Maybe it’s meant to mimic a heart monitor; he can’t live without Hello Kitty. Whatever the case may be, this could be one of the most cringe-worthy tattoo jobs ever seen – and it’s hard to make Hello Kitty appear gross. The raccoon eyeliner and the dull look in his eyes seem to imply that he’s already dead…or at least part-way there. We’re willing to give him a pass on the bad tattoo decisions on the condition that he is undead.

13. Apparently, He’s Not A Fan Of Traditional Tats

The most popularized tattoo that comes to mind to almost anyone in America is the traditional ‘Mom’ tattoo that can be found on a particularly tough guy’s bicep. It’s usually a bit ironic considering how ripped and rough the wearer is – at least according to the stereotype. However, this guy has taken a much less intimidating and much more aggressive approach to talking about his mother. It’s hard to imagine what his mom had to do to earn that, especially for those of us who are spoiled with an awesome mom. But taking into consideration this guy’s situation, he might be right in hating his mom, although, it would be pretty painful to have to be reminded of her every time you look into the mirror… In a way, it’s almost like his mom is winning. Aside from the ugly font, this tattoo overall doesn’t work. In any way. Getting a tat for a love is bad enough, getting one inspired by hate is a whole other problem.

12. We’re Hoping This Guy Is A Sour Patch Kid…

It’s hard to imagine what exactly went through this guy’s mind when he decided to get his facial tat. He’s either a big-time fan of Sweet n’ Sour Chicken or he has a personality disorder. Based on the fact that he’s been to prison, we’re banking on the latter, although, the questionable substance dripping down his chin gives a fair argument to the Chinese cuisine. Interestingly, the guy appears to be neither of the two in the above photo. Either he’s going through the depressive phase of bipolar disorder – which could be described as ‘sour’ in a way – or he could be experiencing late-stage tattoo regret. Either way, we’re hoping this tat will inspire others to rethink socially labeling themselves through permanent ink.

11. Some Tattoos Will Seal Your Fate

Tattoos are commonly associated with crime, but most of the time this is just a stereotype that tends to harm the wearer more than anyone else. It’s a different story with this tattoo junkie. His right cheek brandishes white supremacist symbolism, while his left implies that he’s a gang member who’d been expecting jail time; a kiss means he’s been away from his loved one for a long time while in prison. Then there are the more obvious devil horns – which seem to be quite fitting for him – and the “F Cops” quote. Ironically enough, that very tattoo is what helped victims identify him to the police, shortly after he’d robbed them at knife-point. He’d previously committed robberies and still hadn’t quite found a way to get away with it, making his smooch tattoo quite possibly the most prophetic of them all. As you can imagine, the authorities took great pleasure in putting him away for a good while.

10. Some Of The Worst Tattoos Also Happen To Be Kid-Friendly

The Celtic knots symbolize eternity by way of love, loyalty, friendship, and/or faith. Ladies, he may be a bad boy, but you may want to give him a chance because he’s clearly a devoted guy. And as a bonus, kids will love the endless maze stretching from his chin to the back of his head. Once he’s out on probation, you may want to give this looker a shot! We’re not sure what he got put away for, but if his situation is anything like his taste in body art, we’d have to assume that it’s a fairly complex scenario. He’s might be trying to attract better people in his life through the beautiful symbolism of tattoos. On the other hand, he may just have had a desire to get meaningless tattoos to cover the awkwardly hairless parts of his head. In any case, these twisted tats look like a train wreck.

9. It’s Not Hard To Guess What He Was Charged With

SoundCloud rapper, 6ix9ine (as seen above), has a pretty lengthy rap sheet of his own. In fact, his tats reflect his life pretty well, actually. While tattoos, in general, used to be more of a cultural rite of passage for prisoners, it’s now more widespread. 6ix9ine’s spider web tat is still reminiscent of those original times, though; these mean that the wearer is doing time. Originally, the spider web was tatted onto a person’s elbows, but it has since been popularized and is worn in many different places. More obviously, he has a jigsaw tattoo and one of the number 69 which refers to, both, his public identity and the sexual act. Unsurprisingly, 6ix9ine has been to jail, he’s also been charged for having sexual relations with a minor of the age 14. Although, he bought his way out of jail and gloated about it immediately after on SnapChat. There’s nothing more trendy than permanently etching your wrongs on your face…

8. Yeah, The Once-A-Year Halloween Deal Just Wasn’t Working

Most of us can recall the exhilarating feeling we had when we’d dressed up as a different person every year on All Hallow’s Eve. Some of us never really grow out of it and continue to dress up as adults, but for some, that’s simply not enough. Deon announced on the Jeremy Kyle Show that he would be getting a skull tattooed on his face, although no one expected there to be much weight to his controversial claim. Even his own girlfriend was shocked that he went through with the decision. Sporting his new ink a week later on the show, he was met with appall. Unfortunately for his girlfriend, he was jobless prior to getting inked. Considering the stigma behind a facial tat, it doesn’t look like his employment status is going anywhere anytime soon…

7. I’m Not Even Really Sure What I’m Looking At

While I have to admit that the pattern is oddly appealing, it’s not exactly something that I’d consider permanently tatting onto my face. This man tattooed much of his body and obviously his entire head. If babies cried at the sight of Matt Gone with his checkerboard cover, I can’t imagine how they’d react to this man. He’d even gone so far as to tat his eyelids in a slightly creepy fashion. One glance at him and you half-expect a Moana song to start playing in the background. Whether or not he’s trying to emulate the Hawaiian traditional tats is still a mystery. While his ink is satisfyingly symmetrical and beautifully colored, the design around the eyes is commonly regarded as somewhat off-putting. We’re not entirely sure that sitting through the excruciating pain this tattoo brought was worth it.


6. The Knockoff Harry Potter

We’re not sure if this was a white supremacist tattoo gone wrong or if he thought it had some sort of resemblance to Harry Potter’s scar. I suppose it could also serve as a terrible reference to the ACDC symbol. No matter what, this tattoo is an epic fail. Although, taking into account that he’s clothed in a prison getup and his blonde hair is shaved pretty close to the skin, he’s likely a wannabe white supremacist. He may want to get a new tattoo artist next time he wants people to take his controversial tats seriously, though – it looks like a third-grader drew it. It’s horrible to put a symbol of hate on your forehead, but at least execute it with a somewhat decent drawing. We’re thinking he’s already aware of how hideous this looks.

5. In Case You Were Wondering…

It’s really hard to take this tattoo seriously purely because of the font that was used. It sort of seems like the guy was trying too hard when he got this one, and at first glance you might think he’s a normal guy that’s just trying to over-hype his past. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, though. His thoughts are much worse than I’d like to imagine. The tatted man pictured above is Hubert Leverich and he’s currently a convicted r*pist. Leverich pleaded guilty to two felony charges and two misdemeanor charges. Prior to the more recent allegations, he has a laundry list of several criminal acts – most being s*xually motivated – that must’ve gotten him into prison more than once. A single look at his rap sheet and you won’t even want to know what “felon thoughts” might actually mean.

4. We Don’t Need To Know What He Does In His Spare Time…

It wasn’t initially obvious to me what this tattoo was supposed to be. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen The Silence of The Lambs more times than I can even count. Part of my confusion may have a lot to do with how unexpected this tat comes off. This man actually got a Hannibal Lecter-inspired tattoo. Talk about a groupie… We’re hoping that this tattoo has some sort of deep, symbolic meaning. Otherwise, you may want to keep an eye out for a creep with a permanent muzzle tatted over his mouth (it could be a warning). One look into this man’s chilling blue eyes and you don’t even want to find out why he chose to get it. Hopefully he’s self-employed because he’s going to have a pretty tough time job-hunting after committing to that one.

3. He’s Tackling Facial Tattoo Criticism Head-On

For anyone who’s ever considered a tattoo, it’s pretty common to go through several ideas before committing to one. There’s a pretty harsh stigma when it comes to getting inked; many people who don’t have tattoos believe that tattoo-wearers lack intelligence. Which makes it that much more nerve-wracking when attempting to decide on the perfect tat. This guy takes on these negative stereotypes head-on with his very original “Genius” tattoo. Ironically enough, this guy is apparently not the brightest because he eventually ends up incarcerated, and according to his “Omerta” neck tat, he’s also unwilling to rat out any of his comrades in return for his own freedom. The guy deserves some recognition for his loyalty to his friends, but he should probably find a better way to avoid getting caught altogether if he’s a genius.

2. Looking To Find The Perfect Forever “Fade”?

While we don’t have the full background on this tat – unfortunately – it’s definitely worth stacking on the list. There’s nothing better than having a fresh fade; girls love a guy with nice hair. But keeping up with it can get a bit costly, and sometimes it’s just too difficult to squeeze in the time to get it done regularly. This tattoo wearer wanted a permanent fade. However, he was sorely mistaken if he believed that this would have a similar effect on women… It doesn’t match up well with his actual hairline and it makes him look like a wannabe robot. Based on his dreaded locks, it’s safe to assume that he was looking for something low-maintenance.

1. Trying To Prove Your Dedication To The Posse

This is quite possibly one of the most regretful tattoos ever witnessed. This young guy came into a tattoo parlor with the plan to be made to look – somewhat – like a clown. I’d say that the artist nailed it, the wearer…not so much. The tattoo artist and his friend shared the story on social media afterward, outright making fun of the ‘kid’ for his meaningless tat. We all go through phases while trying to find ourselves. Some, however, never get the chance to grow past these. This kid’s crappy judgment will be staring him in the face for the rest of his life. On the bright side, if he comes to terms with his own regret then he could start a GoFundMe to get it removed.


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