New Autonomous Vehicle Allows You to Comfortably Work While Traveling

As city populations grow denser and offices become more gimmicky, rather than creative hubs, remote work is looking more and more appealing to the workforce.

Redspace could be the car of the future.

There is a particular pleasure of being able to wake up and complete a full day's work in your pajamas. Currently, 23 percent of the global workforce is working remotely, up 8 percent from the early 2000's. It can be exciting being a digital nomad working from coffee-shop to coffee-shop. But, would you be interested in working from your car? The people at Project Redspace believe this could be happening in the very near future.

Project Redspace is an EV commuter vehicle that can also be used as your office space. The tech-savvy car allows passengers to be driven around autonomously in a "mobile desk."

Your Office on Wheels

The Redspace project came together out of the need to optimize commute time in megacities. The problem was simple. Megacities in China will experience exponential growth causing traffic to be unbearable. Why not allow people to work while they are in traffic, making the commute a little more productive. Redspace will be the megacity solution.

New Autonomous Vehicle Allows You to Comfortably Work While Traveling

"More than just a vehicle. Redspace is a lifestyle solution with environmental values that provides commuters with a space that enhances the daily to-and-from" says the team. The vehicle is a sleek design solution that "leverages interior space."

Designed From the Inside Out

The initial focus of the design was centered around the interior. The team wanted to answer the question, "how can we provide a space that facilitates daily lifestyle needs?" The interior is modular and almost completely customizable to fit your needs.

New Autonomous Vehicle Allows You to Comfortably Work While Traveling

Even more impressive; the Redspace is constructed with solar panels on the top exterior of the car allowing for solar energy to power internal functions, like an air filtration system, without drawing energy from the battery.

"Designed from the inside out. By providing a space for daily lifestyle needs, Redspace enables commuters to reclaim time otherwise wasted in conventional vehicles", says the team.

New Autonomous Vehicle Allows You to Comfortably Work While Traveling

According to the Project Red team, the automaker hopes to have the car on the road in the next two years in China. Some of the other impressive features that will be included in Redspace include Auto Braking, Flexible Seating, Social Aspects, Cordless Charging, and Parking Assist. For those nomads who are claustrophobic, maybe avoid this car in the future and stick to your coffee shops until something bigger comes along your way. What do you think of the Redspace?


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