21 Times People Lied And The Internet Sherlocked Them

You cannot fool the internet.

 The Internet knows everything about you ;-)

1. The beachgoer:

2. The fitness nut:

3. The commuter:

4. The Wendy's fan:

5. The Tubby Custard troll:

6. The big tipper:

7. The ex:

8. The stage-five clinger:

9. The squinter:

10. The expert weaver:


11. The English speaker:

12. The Pooh expert:

13. The fake news expert:

14. The flirt with nice hair:

15. The photo hijacker:

16. The non-smoker:

17. The sunglass salesman:

18. The literary snob:

19. The handsome guy:

20. The "but what about straight people" commenter:

21. And finally, the inviter:


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