15 Movie Sequels Coming Out In 2018 That Look Horrible

Sequels are a big deal in the movie world. They receive more hype and criticism than most other movies, and they usually only happen if the first movie did really well. In other cases, however, some sequels happen despite the first, second, and sometimes even the third movie being absolutely terrible and then there are the movies that the producers have just taken way too far. For example, the first two Paranormal Activity movies were great. In the last two movies in the series, however, things just got out of hand and the saga was clearly taken way too far.

Why does Hollywood always try to ruin a good thing?

There are a lot of sequels set to hit the theaters in the upcoming year, some of which we are super hyped up for and others that just leave us shaking our heads wondering how they could continue on with such a horrible movie. So, from movies that should have stopped after the first one, to movies that should have never been made to begin with, in this article we will go over 15 sequels that are set to be released in 2018 that look downright horrible. While some may disagree, for the majority of us normal people, these following 15 movies are ridiculous.

15. Chucky 8

I have to admit, there are some pretty die-hard Chucky Fans out there, but even they are starting to admit that these movies have officially gone too far. If you saw The Cult of Chucky, which was just released this year, then you were probably left scratching your head. I mean, since when is there more than one Chucky? It seems as if the people who made the movie were running out of ideas and just completely went off of the storyline altogether. We have not been given a final release date yet, but they have hinted at it coming out around the time of Halloween next year. The original Chucky movies did a great job at giving every child nightmares, but the newer ones have been a lot easier to watch and a lot less scary. So, unless they step up their game big time, this next movie is going to just as horrible, if not worse, than The Cult of Chucky ended up being.

14. District 10

Remember the movie District 9? Well, in 2018 there will be a District 10, but not a lot is known about the plot of this one just yet. However, we do know for sure that we will be seeing it in theaters sometime before 2019. The first movie was about aliens whose planet was destroyed, leaving them to seek refuge on planet Earth. An agent then contracts a virus from these aliens that begins to alter his DNA, and he is forced to hide in the only place that he knows will be safe, district 9. With the way that this movie ended, it is hard to imagine how they could be making another one, and the title itself seems a little odd to us, but maybe it won’t end up being as bad as we anticipate it to be. Perhaps they will find a way to make it exciting – hopefully even more exciting than the first.

13. Dodgeball 2

I am sure that you remember the classic movie, Dodge Ball, which was released in 2004. It was a comedy about two men who were down on their luck with their businesses about to go under unless they could manage to raise $50,000. In order to save their business, which was a gym, they entered into a dodgeball contest that had a big cash reward to the team that wins. This movie is full of bad puns and can be hard to watch at times due to the horrible sense of humor, but regardless, people seemed to love it. The fact that they are making a second one for 2018 is a little odd though because we are unsure of where they would go with the storyline or if it would even contain the same actors from the first one. It is probably safe to say that this is one movie that you can skip without really missing out on anything.

12. Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom

Everyone seems to love the Jurassic Park series of movies that got their start all the way back in 1993. It has had a very strong run and its most recent movie was epic, to say the least. The trailer for this next movie, however, which will be released in January 2018, looks like a bit of a reach by the producers. The new movie is about an ex-military man encounters a new gigantic breed of dinosaurs. It seems as though maybe they have taken this a little too far. I mean, let’s be honest – just how much can you really do with dinosaurs attacking people? It definitely gets old after a while. This should probably be the last Jurassic movie that they make because anything else would just be pushing it. I guess we will have to just wait and see if this movie winds up being as good as the producers are cracking it up to be, or if it is actually as horrible as it looks.

11. Lucy 2

The first Lucy was an amazing, action-packed movie that really kept its viewers on edge. It was about Lucy, who is kidnapped by drug smugglers, and they implant a package of drugs into her stomach that she is to smuggle to a specific place. The drugs, however, burst open inside of her, allowing her to eventually unleash 100 percent of her brain’s abilities. There is a rumor going around that they will be unleashing a second Lucy in 201. However, as of right now, this is just a rumor. Lucy was one of those movies where you cannot see how they could make a second movie because there really isn’t anything left to explore in the story, so it will probably just end up being a horrible sequel that, in the end, makes no sense to anyone. Until we see a trailer, though, our judgment of this movie may not be accurate.

10. Now You See Me 3

The first Now You See Me was an entertaining film about four magicians who managed to rob a bank during a live magic show without ever having left the arena. The second film was about those same four magicians with one new magician, stealing a chip that could control all the computers in the entire world. The plot to this next movie is still undisclosed, but the idea of it is starting to get a little worn out. This movie has no real set date as of right now, but production is underway. The actors they chose to play in these movies were not the best choice, the acting is poor, and they could use a little more action. All of that being said, Now You See Me 3 is one that we could probably do without, as there are much better movies out there that are far more deserving of a sequel than this one.

9. The Goonies 2

The Goonies 2 will be a follow up to the 1985 original and will be released sometime in 2018. The original Goonies was an action/adventure film about two brothers who were in jeopardy of losing their home when they came across a treasure map. The two brothers follow the map to find where the “X” is, and face problems with bad people along the way. In the end, everything worked out in their favor, and they got to keep their house. This is another movie that is hard to imagine having a sequel because there really is nothing left to be said about the story, but it might be worth a shot to watch it just to see if it is as horrible as we remember the first one to be. While The Goonies 2 seems like a horrible idea right now, they could surprise us.

8. American Pie 5

Yeah, another American Pie movie. We could not believe it either. Some people might be happy that they are continuing on with this saga, but most of America thinks that is just a played out movie with poor humor. In the last American Pie, the original cast returns to their high school for a reunion; in this one it will still feature the original cast but the storyline will be about all the guys getting themselves into trouble in Vegas. How original, right? We have not yet been given a certain release date on this one yet, but it should hit the theaters next year at some point. This is another one that is definitely not to watch when the kids are awake as there are a lot of inappropriate jokes and even more nudity. This is one of those movies where just one would have sufficed, two was pushing it, but now five movies about the same thing and the same group of people is definitely getting old and I have a feeling that the ratings on this one are going to be horrible.

7. Bad Boys 3: Bad Boys For Life

This next one is probably debatable , because there is a pretty big fan base for these movies, but there is also an equal amount of people who think that this movie should have never been made. The estimated release date of this movie is going to be January 2018, but there is talk of it possibly being delayed. This series of movies features two guys played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence who do jobs that the cops cannot seem to get done – well, legally, anyway. Action films like these tend to do fairly well, but they really should have just stopped with the second one because a third is kind of pushing it. The characters run the risk of being over-played. A trailer has not yet been released for this movie, but we probably do not even need to see it to guess what it will contain. Another predictable movie that has no true edge to it.

6. Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns is going to be a sequel to the original Mary Poppins, which made its debut in 1964. The sequel is set to be released in December 2018. It is set in the 1930s in London and the storyline is said to stick by the book. In this new movie, the children from the original story will be all grown up, and they will suffer a loss. The sequel will have a completely new cast and Julie Andrews has refused to make an appearance in it. The first movie was praised by critics everywhere and children fell in love with it. The second movie, however, looks like it might be played out and contain the same basic story even though it is going off of the second book, and people are already saying that they are not interested in seeing it. This is definitely not looking like a highly anticipated movie for the upcoming year.


5. Flash Gordon 2

The original Flash Gordon hit theaters in the year 1980 and it was about a group of football players who travel to another planet and find themselves fighting aliens in order to save planet Earth. A sequel to this movie is set to hit theaters in 2018 and should be much better quality than the original. However, the storyline is pretty much the same, and although the quality is going to be better, it just does not look good at all. This is one of those movies that should have just stayed a classic, but instead they are going to ruin it by making another one, which will totally ruin the name of Flash Gordon. The ratings on this one are not expected to be that high and no one is really looking forward to it, and most people who hear about this remake have never even heard of the original because of how poorly the first one did.

4. The Gremlins 3

The first Gremlins movie was another one that gave children everywhere nightmares for weeks, but looking back on it now as an adult, you probably find yourself thinking that it was not nearly as scary as you remembered it to be. The new Gremlins movie is said to be a sequel to the first one that aired in 1984, which was about a boy who received a pet that had very specific instructions to not feed or water the pet after midnight and not to provide any light for it during the night. The boy breaks these rules and suddenly there are dozens of these adorable creatures that soon turn into uncontrollable little monsters. The first movie seemed to do fairly well in terms of ratings, but the second one bombed and critics everywhere were saying just how horrible it was. So, this next one that is going to come out in 2018 could be a huge miss. We are unsure whether they will be able to make a comeback with this movie, but so far, it is looking as if this will be another horrible remake.

3. Rounders 2

The original Rounders was about a young man who had to play high stakes poker in order to help a friend pay off some loan sharks, all while balancing his relationship with his girlfriend and his commitment to law school and staying safe and out of trouble. This was a poorly made film with even worse acting and appeared to be very low budget, although the main character was played by Matt Damon. Rounders 2 has an unknown plot, but is said to have the same general story behind and that the only thing that will truly be different is that the characters will be older and more mature. Rumor has it that Matt Damon will be returning to play the part of the character from the first one, and most of the other characters have stayed the same as well. If the first one was so horrible then we cannot picture the new one being any better, but I guess times have changed, and they may be able to find a way to make it a little better than the first. Time will tell.

2. Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil 2

Tucker And Dale vs. Evil is another movie that should really be watched when the kids are asleep because the crude humor, excessive cursing, violence, and brief nudity are definitely not kid-friendly. The original movie was about a couple of hillbillies who were on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they get mistaken for murderers by a group of college preps. The first movie received poor ratings and it is easy to see why since the humor was just so stupid. So, it is a little hard to imagine how or why they would possibly be making a second one. I am sure that, as with all movies, there are a select few die-hard fans who cannot wait for the 2018 release of this movie, but that number has got to be small because just about anyone who has seen the first one is quick to agree that this is one dull and stupid movie.

1. Super Troopers 2

Some people might have found the first Super Troopers movie to be funny, while others have a hard time finding the humor in such a silly movie. Super Troopers 2 will feature five wacky troopers who must set up a new highway patrol station as the United States and Canada dispute the location of the border. This has an expected release date of April 20th, 2018. Yes, you read that right. It will be released on 4/20, which was totally planned. With the graphic nudity, loads of profanity, and crude humor, this is definitely not going to be a family movie. For those of us who thought the first one was horrible, we may want to steer clear of even attempting to watch the sequel because it is going to be even worse than the first. As for the immature audience that this type of movie attracts, they are sure to love it, but no surprise there.


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