30 Captivating Historical Photographs You Need to See

The best old photos are the ones you can look at for hours at a time.

Every picture tells a story.

Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel

Using a bear to treat back pain, Romania, 1946

Setting a new world speed record, 1948

A sex education lesson, 1929

Lumberjacks, 1900s

William Harley and Arthur Davidson, founders of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company

A gun used for duck hunting, early 20th century

Military electricians, 1918

Filming the production logo for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Testing a rugby helmet, 1912

German industrial worker August Landmesser, whose wife was Jewish, refusing to salute Hitler, Hamburg, 1936

A pilot tries to start the stalled propellor of his plane during flight

The biggest horse in the world, 1928

Drew Barrymore helps Stephen King light a cigarette

Using ducklings as therapy animals, 1956


Young women in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1970s

Ernest Hemingway having a drink

The last photo ever taken of a Thylacine, 1933. This species is now extinct.

The models used by Grant Wood for his famous painting, American Gothic

17-year-old Bianca Passarge dances on wine bottles in a cat costume, Hamburg, 1958

Class differences, Britain, 1937

Miss New Zealand falls unconscious at the Miss Universe competition, Long Beach, 15 July 1954

The way real men shave, 1940

Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen with his wife, 1947

A little girl encounters a penguin for the first time

Unpacking the Statue of Liberty, 1885

A soldier shares some bananas with a goat, Battle of Saipan, 1944

Original Michelin, 1910

A man and a woman on a date, 1950s

A perfectly timed photo of a woman caught mid-sneeze, 1900


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