This Photoshop Guy Is Probably The Funniest Troll On The Internet Right Now

We’ve all seen what happened with Reddit user Danny Nickerson when he posted a request on the said site, asking for someone with Photoshop know-how to edit his picture. He captioned his photo, "Can someone Photoshop the sun between my fingers?"

Well played, James Fridman. Well freaking played!

The result, needless to say, turned out to be extremely hilarious. Photoshoppers had a field day and had fun with his image without ever really delivering what he requested in. The photos later became a viral sensation.

Now we have James Fridman, a guy who voluntarily offers his photo-editing skills to strangers for free. The catch, of course, is that he’d also make fun of submitted photos. And man, his trolling level is that of a master! I cracked up really hard the first time I saw his stuff over at Twitter.

See for yourself by scrolling down:

#1. This boy wanted to have a 6-pack.

funny photoshop 10

#2. This lady asked for longer legs.

funny photoshop 1

#3. This girl wanted her dad to look elsewhere.

funny photoshop 2

#4. This hottie got a well-deserved a lesson in spelling.

funny photoshop 3

#5. This guy wanted to be in Miami.

funny photoshop 4

#6. This dude wanted to be in a pool.

funny photoshop 5

#7. These ladies wanted to get rid of the “embarrassment.”

funny photoshop 6

#8. This girl wanted to have Kardashian-level booties.

funny photoshop 7

#9. This guy wanted to be in the United States.

funny photoshop 8

#10. This, however, undoubtedly wins the cake.

funny photoshop 9


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