29 People Who Can Find a Creative Solution to Any Problem

At least once in their lifetime, everyone has faced a situation where they needed to use their brains and create a new solution or life hack. When something breaks, you can easily replace it. Or you can experiment and use your creativity.

 For them there are no unsolvable problems :-)

We put together photos that show people who won awards in the categories of “Tape is the solution to all“ and ”Challenge accepted."

I guess something went wrong.

Ross Geller would love this.

"Buy a convertible. It will be cool!" they said.

My friends rarely do the dishes, but they often drink alcohol.

This is what taking care of the mailman looks like.

This is new technology — a latch microwave.

If you don’t have a latch microwave, then go for an iron.

Shoe-dryer, boots-dryer, all-in-one-dryer — this invention is yet to get an official name.

A shower for thrill seekers

Double anti-theft system

Tape fixes everything.

Please, don’t show this to perfectionists.


It looks like Kubrick fixed that door.


For special guests

"Man and pancakes"

A samurai’s car

When you try to make your car more elegant:

When you’re dying for a cup of coffee:

When a tablet pc does not connect to the TV, we know a way around it.

And let the whole world wait...

No time to explain. I need a bottle, tape, and a stick.

The view from the window wasn’t that good anyway.

Water boiler 2.0

No dry-cleaning will ever be needed.

Timberlake is winning.

I.T. people are really creative at preventing lockdowns.

When all you want is an ice-cold drink:

The best way to eat Pringles:


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