15 Photos Showing How Men Hate Shopping From the Bottom of Their Heart

Lots of men would consider shopping to be torture, but how can they explain this to their beloved?

So true! :-)

We have decided to show you the 15 funniest pictures of these unsung heroes of the mall.

Birds of a feather flock together...

Unfortunately, this is just the start, kid.

This is the true Fortress of Solitude.

That seems like a nice place to wait.

Yes, that was a trap. And now he’s in it.

Santas are men too.

A bored mind starts to wonder.


This is their home now.

He’s just trying to stay hydrated.

They start young...

...and they learn the way.

At least the dogs seem genuinely interested.

No seats and no hope.

Even the mannequin agrees — it’s too long of a wait.

There is no doubt that men can go to great lengths for their loved ones, so try not to abuse this sacrifice. Next time you see a "mall hero," tuck him in.


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