19 Background Actors Who Tried

Hint: Look at the people in the background.

They Really Tried

1. This expert sweeper:

2. This little kid who couldn't wait until after the take to motion his need to pee:

3. This chill ape who doesn't want to exert too much energy throwing:

4. All of these "warriors" who are "fighting" in this "brutal" scene:

5. This lady, who is very good at cutting food:

6. This guy, who didn't let getting kicked in the balls by a horse stop him from fighting:

7. This guy who just lost to a ghost:

8. This woman, who is literally THROWING A DOG IN THE WATER (which I don't condone, but she IS a scene stealer).

9. This guy, who got just couldn't compete with the wind:

10. This woman, who seems delighted to experience a surprise massacre:


11. And this guy, similarly happy to about to be blown to smithereens:

12. This human tumbleweed:

13. This policeman who is angry at the air:

14. This alien who is just fiddling around with some invisible buttons on a wall:

15. This lady who just caused the wardrobe department to go over their dry-cleaning budget:

16. This little kid, who is anticipating a loud noise and cleverly prepares:

17. This vogueing diner:

18. This cop, who isn't an actor, but is certainly the star of this news report:

19. And this cat.

That's acting.



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