Man Accidentally Burns His House Down After Trying To Kill Spider With Fire

Sure, spiders are creepy. That’s settled and we can all agree on that fact. It goes without saying, however, that caution should be exercised when you try to get rid of them. Well, that and common sense, of course.

We all know a friend who'd probably do something like this

Take it from this guy who definitely ended up regretting his actions after having a close encounter with, well, a spider.

Apparently, a guy accidentally burned his house down after trying to get rid of spider with fire.

Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous and all but do hear us out.

In a report posted online by KVOA, we learn about the story of an unnamed man from Arizona who accidentally ended up burning his house down. Apparently, he saw some spider webs underneath his home and decided to do something about it.

So what did he do that caused the house to burn? Well, the man actually thought using a propane torch would be a good idea!

It didn’t take long until he realized it was all a big mistake as he witnessed the webs – and, eventually, the entire home – catch fire.

Reports say that the man had to “carry an elderly woman out of the mobile home”. She suffered minor injuries but fortunately, she was immediately treated by paramedics.

23 firefighters from Tucson arrived at the scene and fought the blaze for 11 minutes.

The Red Cross are currently assisting the man and the elderly woman who are now homeless because of the incident.

Watch the video report here:

It is, of course, worth-noting that this isn’t the first case involving spiders and fires. In Seattle, another man used lighter and spray paint to kill a spider – it likewise ended really wrong.

This prompted a Seattle Fire Department representative to say:

“I don’t want to encourage people to do this, but that’s what he did. The spider tried to get into the wall. He sprayed flames on the wall, lit the wall on fire, and that extended up to the ceiling.

“There are safer, more effective ways to kill a spider than using fire.”

Perhaps the good old broom is still the better weapon, no?


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