42 Times The World Made Us Want To Flip A Table

The further along we get in this crazy thing called life, the more we learn and discover. But just when we start to get a little cocky about all the things we know, the world seems to spit out something that defies explanation.

It's weird and funny ;-)

I'd say it was trolling us, but obviously, I know that it can't because it can't think or feel.

Or can it?

1. Aha! Looks like the deer have been holding out on us all along.

I knew there was a reason they kept stopping in the middle of the road like that. I guess it's no more dangerous than human pranks can get sometimes.

2. Nope, nope, I refuse to believe in this disturbing reality.

Waldo is much too crafty to just let them capture him like that. Maybe I could believe it if he was in a crowd of fake Waldos, but this hiding spot is just too obvious.

3. Uh... how did nobody catch this?

Yeah, remind me not to talk to an Irish newspaper if I'm worried about being identified, because they've apparently got their snitch jackets on.

Looks like the changes to his house aren't the only thing Tom has to worry about now.

4. I think that trying to figure out what voice you're supposed to give him would be hard enough.

Granted, you could do a lot worse if you simply must get a tattoo of a meme, but the question remains: why must you?

5. There's no telling what otherworldly horrors they're about to unleash.

At the same time, given the choice between making contracts with the dark ones and actually playing tennis, I suppose I would've made pretty much the same decision.

I've successfully avoided this game all my life, and nothing's gonna change that.

6. Um... I suppose you can, yes. I'm utterly baffled as to why anyone would want to, though.

Look, I don't care what kind of grades are ending up on their report cards. Unless you also want them to have a bedwetting problem, this isn't the way to deal with it.

7. Eh, I'm sure it's not impossible to convince somebody with money that this is art.

Obviously, I didn't wanna be rude and say it's pretty good "for a beetle" because we've come far enough as a society to know that isn't OK.

Wait, what am I even saying?

8. Uh... wow. Suddenly, that warning about not shooting each other in the face with these makes a lot more sense.

I mean, yes, I'd guess that our faces are probably a little tougher than a TV screen.

Still, after seeing this, that's not exactly a theory I'm eager to test out.

9. Now, the question here isn't how they messed up the brownies. Accidents happen, of course.

No, what bakes my noodle is how they managed to take that chocolaty goodness and create a whole new life form.

Is eating brownies a bigger ethical dilemma than I thought?

10. OK, so, obviously, it's just looking at its reflection.

But can you honestly tell me that you didn't think you were witnessing either a cat dropping its eyes or talking to an evil version of itself at first?

Am I just not used to the whole glowing eyes thing?

11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd already have somebody to blame as soon as I saw this.

And the wild thing is that it's not even a world leader or something.

My neighbor Larry would just suddenly get a really angry phone call that he has absolutely no chance of understanding.

12. Your mom wouldn't happen to have been cursed by a wizard or something, right?

'Cause I'm pretty sure this is how Slytherin sends their regards when they get mad.

I guess we won't really know for sure until you get some fun graffiti saying she's got mud running through her veins.

13. It's like they always say: you can't drink syrup unless you act like a pancake.

The only other explanation I can think of is that he thinks the syrup's radioactive, and he's trying his absolute hardest to become pancake man.

That's not a dream I'm willing to crush.

14. That really can't be good for the hair, right?

I'll admit I've never been cold enough that my hair actually froze in place, but I feel like there's not enough conditioner in the world to undo the damage here.

It would be really hard not to touch it, though.

15. Well, do you mean to tell me that you wouldn't do this if you could?

I swear I used to climb my door frame as a kid, but I have absolutely no idea how I accomplished it now.

Maybe this hamster will end up wondering the same thing.

16. The definition of not going down without a fight.

17. Nothing about this makes sense. Like... at all.

Does anybody know what's going on here? I've just stared at this thing for 5 minutes and still have no clue. Anyone?

18. Why have an alligator when you can have an alligator shoe?

Nothing says "stay out of my way" like shoes like this, but honestly, what's the point? Can't imagine walking would be easy.

19. You know what, you're never too old to try a new sport.

Even if that sport happens to be pretty strange, impossible

to understand for the casual observer, and extremely dangerous.

20. Nothing to see here — just two guys out for a causal drink at the ol' friendly neighborhood coffee shop.

Clearly business just goes ahead as usual, rain or shine.

21. Awesome photo. Perfect timing. But one question: why?

22. Bizarre architecture or wicked piece of graffiti?

If it wasn't for the balconies peeking out from the left side of the building, I would have guessed this was the actual architecture. Wowza!

23. Wait for it. Your brain is about to spasm.

24. LOOK! An egg inside an egg... inside an egg?

Gotta love when you pay for a dozen eggs but there's a bonus one inside! Talk about a good deal, amirite?

25. Another win for the panoramic camera function.

26. People who can do this freak me out

27. I feel like if I met these two, I'd break the world record for the longest scream.

And they'd keep doing those little laughs they do, so it would be a boring conversation for everyone involved.

28. Took me way, WAY longer than a second to figure out.

29. I'm not sure if a funhouse club would be the best or the worst idea ever.

That question may be a little easier to answer for some of you, but just let me dream, OK?

30. Was anyone else aroused, then slightly disappointed, then aroused again? No? Never mind.

31. Damn those extremely classy stools, man.

32. I want to believe this is real. I want to ride a giant Labrador puppy into battle

33. Bathroom or kitchen?

Hmm, bathrooms don't usually have microwaves, but kitchens don't usually have mirrors. This is a pickle indeed.

34. This is one way of doing it

35. The block just got a little bit smaller.

36. I don't know if you've heard, but Winter is coming

37. So, was she doing this just so her friends would notice?

Like, why else would she bring an underwater photographer just to sit in a chair?

The mechanics of this whole thing are mind-boggling, and the reward doesn't even seem kinda worth it. I just don't get it, I guess.

38. Uhhh, which way are this thing's arms going?

One time I look at this and she looks like she's just really tall and lanky, then the next time I look at it, it looks like she's lifting her head off her body. What?

39. The City of Summerside speaks only two languages — English and dog.

I don't know about you, but I wish I was fluent in both. Yay for bilingualism and inclusion! It really is about time we start giving dogs the recognition they deserve.

40. Excuse me, I need to be sick.

41. This person's phone is alive even though their battery is at 0%. I'm done.

If there's one thing that makes sense universally in this world, it's that once a phone battery reaches 0%, it shuts off. Is there ANYTHING left we can be sure of in this world?

42. And by "heads," I'm sure they actually mean "hands." They have to, right? Guys?

Unless prosthetic heads are actually a thing? I guess nothing in this world surprises me anymore...


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